Benefits and Insights

Why use Farvision?

Key differentiators & advantages of Farvision

  • Coordination with Suppliers: It enables budgeting, cash flow management and coordination with the company’s suppliers. 
  • Regulations: Farvision ERP enables users to abide by rules and regulations. 
  • Expansions: It enables users to plan business expansions for profitability. 
  • Project-tracking: It enables the management team to track the projects from end-to-end. 
  • Client Billing: It helps track income as per tender revenue. It also tracks profit and loss for work done. 
  • Control: It has a logbook mechanism for control. Equipment cost is calculated based on down time and idle hours. 
  • Financial Integration: Farvision ERP provides data about maintenance and equipment costs and analyzes the earned machine rates for the project. 
  • Notifications: It creates notifications automatically to steer clear of late fees.

Industry Expertise

Farvision ERP has more than 400 clients across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the UAE. Its expertise lies in infrastructure, facility management, HRMS, real estate, construction and property management. It has features to tackle every stage of construction, such as maintenance of rental renewal process, rent collections, invoicing and more.
  • Pre Construction: Farvision ERP takes care of the initial processes of liaison, legal modules and land banking. The land bank involves project feasibility and land acquisition, while the legal modules handle court cases and their follow up. Liaisoning entails various processes of land acquisition and approvals. 
  • Construction Management: This system supports processes such as project estimation and project planning tools, among others. Project estimation uses BOQ and monitors actual costs as sub-contractors incur them. Contractor bill generation is handled by the payment modules, while project planner tools such as PERT and CPM are used to schedule and oversee complex projects. Progress indicators and key costs are also a part of Farvision ERP. 
  • Materials Management: It generates incidents and expedites materials requirement planning, evaluation charts for procurement and preparation of purchase orders. It also has alerts and escalations that are built-in to hasten procurement processes and their follow up until the materials have been delivered. 
  • Financials: Farvision ERP allows for real-time integration between materials, financials, marketing and construction features. This ensures reconciliation between work progress, materials procured and contractor billing. It also prepares a graphical visualization of projected and actual inflow, outflow and break-even points, reflecting cash positions. 
  • Productivity Tools: It has user-friendly interfaces to create an efficient work environment. It also reduces time spent on engineering, inventory, accounting and other statutory compliances. Even if an employee leaves, it retains information such as key accounts, engineering and others within the company. 
  • Business Growth: Farvision ERP implements a methodology that has ready-to-use templates for item masters, statutory setups, grouping and more. It adapts to the changing needs of an organization. 


Farvision ERP Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email [email protected] for sales and support.
phonePhone: Call toll free number 1 (800) 102 1156 for support.
local_offerTickets: A ticket can be created by filling out a contact form on the website.

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