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  • Equipment Management: Farvision ERP supports equipment management capabilities such as Log Book Mechanism for optimum control ensuring the equipment cost is not being taken up by idle hours & downtime. Financial integration provides data in equipment running, maintenance costs and analyzes the accuracy of Earned Machine Rate (EMR) for the project. Also, it helps identify what equipments are mobilized and for how long and determine their availability and transit position. 
  • Construction HR & Payroll Management: Farvision ERP offers an HR and Payroll module which helps construction organizations keep track of attendance, tax withholdings & returns, virtual & printed paychecks, induction and appointment, and more. It supports staff management processes to make them simpler and efficient. The solution also provides an 'Employee Self Service Portal' to minimize the additional data entry work. 
  • Role-based Login: The Facility Management solution of Farvision ERP provides role-based login so users can get limited access to the important association and owners' information. It offers 4 various logins starting from Building Manager, Board Member, Owner to Tenant. 
  • Pre Construction Capabilities: The pre-construction capabilities of Farvision ERP includes Land Bank that involves land acquisition and project feasibility, Legal entails handling of court cases and follow up and Liaison involves various procedures in acquiring land and getting approval for the construction. 
  • Online and Real-Time: Farvision ERP provides integration between financials, materials, construction, and marketing to ensure automatic reconciliation between materials procured, utilized, work progress, and contractor billing. Also, it offers a powerful tool to display consolidated receivables, payables, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, trial balance, etc. at a glance. Farvision is online and real-time. 
  • Data  Warehousing: The solution provides data warehousing for business intelligence, analytical reporting, and creation of Ad-Hoc reporting to provide a set of concepts and methods to improve business decision making by using fact-based support system.

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