Benefits and Insights

Why use eSUB?

Key differentiators & advantages of eSUB

  • Increase Productivity: Switching to non-analog methods automatically boosts productivity all around by freeing up valuable time. Lower coordination time with eSUB’s cloud-based management systems and get your teams to work faster than ever. 
  • Better Communication: Being able to communicate rapidly is key to the success of any construction project. Every time a team member has to leave a job site to speak to the subcontractor or project manager is wasted time. With mobile accessibility and apps, eSUB keeps your team communicating and working without wasting time. 
  • Better Error Prevention: ESUB brings improved data visibility to your projects which can help prevent costly errors down the line. With multiple sets of eyes available to look over project data and streamlined communication methods, your projects can count on a smoother lifecycle. 
  • Boost Employee Retention: Outdated methods of project management can cause employees to get overworked and leave the operation. Stronger tech for project management eases the load on everyone and provides an attractive place for team members to work. 
  • Work With All Skill Levels: ESUB is designed to handle complex projects with an easy to use software suite. Construction veterans and newer employees can use eSUB without extensive training. ESUB is built with the user in mind and allows team members to tackle multiple tasks at once without being overwhelmed by documentation and reporting. 
  • Quick Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Any construction project management suite needs to be able to identify potential risks to the project. eSUB helps track risks from a variety of areas including weather, financials, technical issues and more. The faster a problem is identified and solved, the better your project can function. 

Industry Expertise

ESUB is a subcontractor focused construction project management tool used by thousands of contractors globally.

Key Features

  • Document Control: ESUB standardizes project documentation making the submission of project data into a real-time searchable database easy. Keeping all of your integral data in one easy to search virtual filing cabinet boosts productivity and reduces time waste. 
  • Resource Management: Save time with eSUB’s ability to schedule employees and equipment to job sites with a simple drag and drop. You can then view all employee and equipment resources on a job site and get real-time updates to any changes made to schedules. Resources can also be applied based on employee skill level. 
  • Accounting Applications: Create GC approved payment forms along with updated Schedule of Values with retention percentages and application amounts. This way financials can be constantly updated with current information. 
  • Integration: ESUB provides an easy to use import and export function that lets you share files across other systems. Hang on to your favorite ERP software and use it to tackle your accounting needs with easy eSUB integration. Decide what documentation to share and with whom. 
  • Purchase Orders: Create accurate purchase orders with fast approvals. eSUB provides real time payment status updates, and permission controls to decide who gets to access what. Keep track of line items like cost of parts, discounts, quantities and part codes. 
  • Corporate Management: eSUB provides a module that managers and executives a way to get a high-level look at the entirety of their projects. Project managers can immediately access all project critical information like outstanding change orders and labor distribution at job sites. 
  • Template Customization: Generate previous reports with updated information using reusable templates and sub-templates. Make them unique by connecting with third-party add-ons for features like e-signatures, QR codes and maps. 

Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is available from eSUB 24/7, questions will be answered as quickly as possible.
phonePhone: Toll-free phone support is available during business hours Monday to Friday.
schoolTraining: ESUB provides a number of alternative training routes. Interested clients can view free webinars, take classes with eAcademy, read text guides and peruse a knowledge base.
local_offerTickets: Ticket submissions are the same as email submissions, they are available 24/7 and questions will be answered as quickly as they can be. Clients can also search a community knowledge base while they wait.

Cost of Ownership

License/Subscription Cost
  • Payment is made either on a per user or subscription basis.
Training Cost
  • On-site training and web training are available.
Recurring/Renewal Costs
  • Cost is equivalent to the monthly subscription fee, based on the number of users.

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