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  • Customization: Contractor's Cloud allows users to customize and automate various processes such as custom workflows and processes, custom commissions, custom alerts & notifications, custom job numbering, custom data fields, custom items & materials, custom documents, custom lead sources, manage multiple companies, and much more.
  • Powerful Reporting: Contractor's Cloud provides a robust reporting feature in order to get an exact, real-time overview and insight of the project. It offers a variety of tools to help accomplish reporting capabilities such as Sales Management Dashboard, Lead Source Reporting, Custom Sales Reporting, Mobile Canvassing Integration, Custom Sales Ranking Widgets, Volume & Closing Ratio Reporting, Custom Goal Tracking Widgets, Custom Sales Teams, etc. 
  • Third-Party Alliance: Contractor's Cloud has partnered with various third-party organizations that provide niche tools to make some of the construction processes easier and faster, those tools include draw on photos, add text to the photos, canvassing, measuring, finance, lead generation, importing price lists, etc.
  • Mobility: Contractor's Cloud offers a responsive mobile platform without installing any application on the mobile device. It works on any mobile and helps users create projects, share projects, manage tasks, appointments and many other activities.
  • Paperless Documentation: Contractor's Cloud provides a central hub for all the photos, notes, and documentation for each project which can be accessed by the staff and avoid any issues arising out of miscommunication. With Documentation feature, users can complete a variety of tasks such as Photo Uploading, Photo Slideshow, Album Creation, File Uploading, Custom Labeling & Descriptions, Uploading documents directly from Gmail, Google Drive, and more. It also integrates with CompanyCam and Dropbox.
  • Construction Financials: The solution integrates with QuickBooks Online with a full 2-way sync to help users manage the following activities: Invoice Printing & Emailing, Multiple Invoicing, Statement Creation, Payment Tracking, Class Tracking, Estimate Importing, Expense Tracking, Project Profit & Loss Interface, Insurance Claim Tracking, Mortgage Company Tracking, etc.

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