Benefits and Insights

Why use ClickHome?

Key differentiators & advantages of ClickHome

  • Sales and Marketing Capabilities: ClickHome supports marketing activities as a source of prospective clients with detailed contact and profile information to effectively target marketing activities. ClickHome allows exporting client data to other sources so users can use their mailing tool to contact their clients. Additionally, ClickHome helps capture leads directly from online inquiries as well as internal business activities and profiles that point of contact to deliver useful metrics for measuring marketing activity performance.
  • Dedicated Lead Management: ClickHome offers a variety of tools to improve general CRM experience and completely take charge of the leads. It provides customisable workflows, leads dashboard, my leads lists, activities and reminders, customisable lead reporting, KPIs and Performance Management to seamlessly manage the leads and its related processes.
  • Tenders & Selections Management: ClickHome provides several tools to manage the complete Tender and Selection process. These tools include sales quote to contract margin analysis, controlled price library to provide one version of the facts, one click update of price lists and options to all salespeople, audited history of quotes, increased clarity with clients, bridges the disconnect between sales quotes and contracts.
  • Third-party Integrations: ClickHome uses a variety of methods of integrations based on the source system and the type of information being integrated. These methods include Web Services, Database integration tables, Flat File integration, Staging Systems, etc. Clickhome successfully integrates with Databuild, Business Craft, Beams, Sage, Constructor, Microsoft Products (Exchange), Clients custom accounting and estimating packages and many more such solutions.
  • Client Portal: ClickHome offers "MyHome" portal for both builders and homeowners. It provides an easy way to create a feature packed, professional looking website that builder's customers can log into. It helps customer service while saving some time for builders and thus is a win-win for both builders & clients. The MyHome portal also allows clients to do their entire color selection from the comfort of their own home, saving them countless hours in the office.
  • Customized Inspections: ClickHome allows custom definition of any number of inspection questions and answers types, as the builder, define what the inspections are and when they happen. Eventually, this facilitates with the reduced administrative burden of inspections on supervisors as the information has been already collected in the field and sent it in hence no paper trail to lose.

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