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  • Automated Bid Preparation and Analysis: Builterra allows users to instantly prepare a bid package using standardized item catalogs complete with specifications and documents. In the bid preparation process, users can add design drawings, reports, and other information. It allows contractors to simply add their unit prices to a familiar spreadsheet and submit it through the system. Its Bid Analysis solutions let users analyze and compare submitted bids in seconds. 
  • Realistic Cost Estimates: Builterra supports teams to perform quantity take-offs and get real-time cost estimates directly from within CAD or the Bid Preparation portal based on historic pricing.  Builterra let users build real-time cost estimates directly from within CAD or bid preparation portal based on historic pricing. Or perform an ad hoc cost estimates on a single item. It's the unique platform that connects actual design with actual project cost data to make sure the most accurate estimates, every time. 
  • Prompt Payments: Builterra, facilitates contractors to automatically receive the daily report via email for review and approvals. It supports progress tracking based on actual inspected items in the field with a dollar value. With Builterra bid items are automatically translated to actual inspected items, hence the reports are accurate and payments can be issued quickly. 
  • Native Mobile App: Builterra offers a native mobile app available on both Android and iOS platforms to connect directly to the bid and capture construction progress, photos and more with geo-locating capabilities. It also facilitates users to compile daily reports, generate payment certificates, streamline field inspection etc. 
  • Trustworthy Overview of Project: Builterra gives instant insight into project progress and burns rate based on actual inspected values, imported directly from the awarded bid allows users to immediately see progress on each item and easily drill into inspections for a clear picture so users can address issues before they become serious problems.

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