Benefits and Insights

Why use Buildertrend?

Key differentiators & advantages of Buildertrend

  • Increase Financial Accuracy: Buildertrend’s financial management tools help speed up payment and billing processes while keeping errors in check. 
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: With numerous tools to help improve the client experience like customized logins and customer reviews, Buildertrend makes managing customer experiences simple. 
  • Mobile Accessibility Buildertrend allows complete remote access through mobile apps available on smartphones and tablets. 
  • Boost Project Efficiency: Buildertrend’s project management tools streamline many of the processes that go along with managing a construction project. Create custom schedules to stay on track, upload 360-degree photos and more. 
  • Faster Bidding: Speed up the bidding process with quick bid requests that do away with old analog paper methods. 
  • Better Collaboration: Internal messaging and mark-up/review functions foster a collaborative environment. 
  • Capture Leads: Buildertrend contains CRM features that can capture, store, import and even add leads on the go.  
  • Leverage Marketing Tools: The systems gives users the tools to customize and automate email campaigns, send email blasts to clients and more. 

Industry Expertise

Buildertrend serves over 827,000 clients and has been used in over 1.7 million completed projects. Clients from over 70 countries have adopted Buildertrend for their construction needs.

Key Features

  • Cloud-Based Storage and Backup: Buildertrend’s cloud-based deployment provides storage and the ability to retrieve multiple versions of documents and models from the cloud. 
  • Easy Integration: Buildertend allows integration with Quickbooks and Xero for accounting needs. Online payments allow Paypal and WePay options while also providing social media integration with Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. 
  • Purchase Orders: Create custom cost codes for purchase orders while creating an environment of accountability. Easily sign-off on payment terms and trade agreements as well as lien waiver integration. 
  • Mark-Up Functions: Easily mark up plans via mobile tools while on the job site. Store iterative versions of plans for easy access to earlier versions with unlimited storage. 
  • Quick Estimation: Enter estimation information once and allow Buildertrend to carry it through the entire project. Included proposal systems support error-free estimations that can be created in a mobile environment. 
  • Data Visibility: Daily log and reporting features let data to flow freely throughout the project while allowing construction managers to see everything from a bird’s eye view. 
  • Financial Tools: Financial features include invoicing, payment processing, budgeting, purchase orders, lien waivers and more. Keep your accounting accurate and automated to reduce instances of human error. 

Buildertrend Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail:Non-urgent inquiries can be sent into Buildertrend’s support email. Technicians go over the support inbox seven days a week and will reply in a timely fashion.
phonePhone:Phone support is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (CST).
schoolTraining: Buildertrend provides a number of training options with customized training based on the client’s needs. A 2-day user conference is also available at their headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. There are also a number of videos available for interested parties to view.
local_offerTickets: Before submitting a help request, there is a community knowledge base available for users to search through. Much like email, Buildertrend allows users to submit help requests that will be answered as quickly as possible.

Cost of Ownership for Buildertrend

License/Subscription CostLarge businesses can receive a quote while small/medium businesses can get 3 users for 299$ a month.
Maintenance Cost
  • Subscription & Support costs are based on a fraction of the license cost (25% of the initial license cost)
  • Software Accelerated Value Programs are charged incrementally, calculated case by case. They're dependent on the exact service the customer needs. Buyers cannot opt-in to Software Accelerated Value Programs without paying the standard Subscription & Support cost
Training Cost
  • Self-service support is available online
  • Multiple avenues for extended training and support. Support is available 24/7.
Recurring/Renewal CostsRenewal fee depends on if a perpetual license or subscription was chosen.
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Buildertrend Reviews

The following reviews for Buildertrend are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms.

Construction / Contracting
20 - 49
Best customer service...
It works for all parts of our business from billing to communicating with our homeowners. Their customer service is the BEST...they're always available, quickly, to help/direct/navigate an issue or take an issue under advisement if it will help better their site.
There are a few little things in terms of formatting, that would be helpful especially when preparing presentations, etc... The mobile app is a little cumbersome and hard to navigate especially when you are used to working from the desk top version. My project managers only use the daily log feature in the field since the other parts are too complicated.
Overall, our whole company uses some part or piece of Buildertrend every day. We are thankful for the communication tool especially between our team in the field, those in the office and our homeowners.
Construction / Contracting
20 - 49
I love how connected everything is in Buildertrend. It combines all our finances, selections and build progression in one application.
It is sometimes confusing to navigate and can be cumbersome.
Overall, we really value using Buildertrend and find our clients have a better quality experience.
Construction / Contracting
2 - 9
The best part about BuilderTrend is that we were able to apply our own processes we have established throughout the 38 years we have been open on a cloud based platform.
BuilderTrend is a very powerful tool. There is nothing about the software I particularly dislike, but I will say that it takes a lot of time to implement and understand the software. There are several areas that need improving/changing, however, the people at BuilderTrend are so quick to adjust. It is amazing
With the implementation of BuilderTrend, we have been able to perform as a company in such an efficient way that I often feel as though I am forgetting something. I think what I mean by that statement is that BuilderTrend has us to organized that my day to day tasks from leads, selections on current jobs, schedules, bids/estimates, and much much more is so streamline, I often feel a void internally like I am missing something. That "thing" that I am missing is stress and confusion. This is and exceptional tool for us.
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