Benefits and Insights

Why use BIM 360?

Key differentiators & advantages of BIM 360

  • Enhanced Communication: Connect your teams through the cloud and stay in touch with clients and stakeholders. A project that communicates well is one that runs smoothly. 
  • Error Prevention: Prevent costly mistakes associated with human error. Automation of billing and other documentation processes ensures accurate reporting. 
  • Centralized Information: Drastically reduce time hunting down documents. BIM 360’s centralized data repository makes it easy to find any document in little to no time. 
  • Smart Decision Making: Real-time visibility on data from all points of your construction projects help inform operation impacting decision making. 
  • Integration and Dashboard: Construction managers can view data and make important decisions from the comfort of an integrated dashboard. 

Industry Expertise

BIM 360 supports construction projects of any size and is used by industries across the globe.

Key Features

  • Constructability:  With BIM 360, your construction project members can view 2-D and 3-D designs with collaborative editing capabilities. Users can comment, mark-up and annotate changes to designs that other members can view. Digital access to any changes in scope, schedule and budgets are also readily available. 
  • Multiple Format Support: BIM 360 supports a wide range of other formats including Revit (RVT), AutoCAD (DWG, CAD) and DXF. This way you can easily transfer a design straight into BIM 360 from your old favorite software solution. With 70+ software integrations, BIM 360 is highly flexible. 
  • Document Management: BIM 360’s cloud-based platform is excellent for the organization and distribution of files. With robust search features, team members can find important documents quickly and share them. Share models, designs and photos from the job-site with clients and project owners to foster better customer relationships. 
  • Cloud Backup Keep your important project documents safe when using BIM 360 as a cloud-based solution. Your critical files are stored in the cloud and can be recalled in the event of an outage or other issues.  
  • Quality Control: An included quality control model allows BIM 360 to provide visibility into all corners of a project. Custom checklist generation makes quality inspections quick and easy, and any problems that are found can be reported on in real time. Dashboard integration and custom template creation also help create an organized and efficient environment. 
  • Site Safety: BIM 360’s safety module allows the creation of digital safety checklists and documents to prevent workplace accidents. With this module, you can also set conformance targets for subcontractors and track down the root causes of incidents in order to prevent more from occurring. 

BIM 360 Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: After creating an account that you verify by email with Autodesk you can access email support. If you engage in this support method you can expect a return email within 2 business days.
phonePhone: Agents are available to contact via telephone call if that is your preferred method. This information becomes available after you create a verified account with Autodesk. Toll-free and mobile accessible numbers are available in their Support section, and operators are available during normal business hours.
schoolTraining: Authorized Autodesk Training Centers are available for users to train and learn. Qualified instructors are available for classes, choose classes for your appropriate skill levels, earn valuable certifications in Autodesk products and set times convenient to your schedule.
local_offerTickets: Submit questions through Autodesk’s Support section for experts to review and answer. This can also be accessed after creating a verified account with Autodesk.

Cost of Ownership for BIM 360

License/Subscription Cost
  • Subscriptions vary depending on how many you need.
  • Single subscriptions are $29/month
  • 25 subscriptions are $249/month
  • 100 subscriptions are $599/month
Recurring/Renewal Costs
  • Recurring and renewal costs vary depending on your tier of entry.
  • Single subscriptions are $29/month
  • Project collaboration levels are $249/month
  • Collaboration with all stakeholders is $599/month

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