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Why use Aconex?

Key differentiators & advantages of Aconex

  • Store Data Safely: By accessing the cloud, Aconex can safely store iterative versions of designs and documents that can be safely recalled at any time. 
  • Stay On Track: Aconex automates schedule synchronization and a number of other administrative processes to help keep projects moving. 
  • Minimize Delays: Accessible dashboards provide users with early warnings about possible problems from any level of the project. By identifying these issues before they happen projects can continue without delay. 
  • Save time: A connected environment lets team members pose questions, get answers and study designs from a single source of truth. Quick communication allows users to find what they need and receive valuable feedback. 
  • Gain Data Visibility: Project managers can benefit from a bird’s-eye view of daily activities on multiple job sites. 

Industry Expertise

Oracle’s Aconex platform is trusted by thousands of project managers from a variety of construction and engineering industries. Aconex has been used in over 70 countries and over 80,000 user organizations.

Key Features

  • Document Management: Manage all of your project documentation with no limitations on size or type of file. Custom permissions can be set on a per document basis to allow only those with a reason to edit. Version control ensures users are always up to date when working on project documents. 
  • BIM Management: Collaborative features allow team members to view, edit and annotate models of projects. Coordinating design teams allows for better feedback on model changes, quicker turnaround on changes and a more efficient project.  
  • Budget Automation: Leverage CPI and SPI for better cost forecasting. Automate billing processes to save time and mitigate errors. Gain visibility into project performance with analysis of variance.
  • Quality and Safety Processes: Create custom health and safety checklists, punch lists and more to keep your project sites in compliance with safety standards. Capture problem data as it arises and customize your issue tracking to focus on areas you know need improvement. 
  • Customizable Workflows: Import custom workflows you have found success with directly into Aconex’s dashboard.  
  • Mobile Accessibility: Access critical project data via smart devices through Aconex’s mobile apps. 

Aconex Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Aconex specialists are available at all times to begin responding to support emails.
phonePhone: Oracle has Aconex specialists on call in accordance with time zones across the world.
schoolTraining: Professionals are available for Aconex training and certification.
local_offerTickets: Oracle’s Aconex support website has the ability to receive and respond to support tickets. Experts are available at all hours to begin responding to questions.

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Aconex Reviews

The following reviews for Aconex are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms.

Transportation & Logistics
500 - 999
Aconex - your valuable tool
It provides a safe and efficient way of keeping all our records and communications safe - yet recorded for later use if needed. It has allowed us to 'keep the greedy contractors' under control commercially.
in recent times there has been several outages or slow running - frustrating when you need the system every day
It has allowed us to keep greedy contractors under control with proof of communications and directions - it has allowed us to minimise fake claims against our project
Construction / Contracting
10000 - 24999
Good for EPC Companies
speed easy access to information , navigation is east
Very few reports are not available , reporting have scope of improvement
Good, Overall it a a good software not there is always scope for improvement
Marketing Services
50 - 99
Software Advice
Absolutely awful performance, glitches and errors
Good for tracking correspondence and open tasks.
Terrible performance - seriously hinders productivity during the day. Uploading files, loading correspondences and workflows load at snails pace and always unpredictable.
In recent months my experience has been extremely negative. Each day I experience issues regarding speed and errors when trying to do basic tasks like open a correspondence, or upload files. I really would like to use it more because it is a great platform for keeping track of open tasks and correspondence between consultants, but the speed and performance is suffocating.
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