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Founded in 1989 in Cranbury, NJ by Dean Guida

What is Infragistics?

Infragistics is a company that specializes in enterprise-ready user experience and user interface toolkits that empower developers to quickly build and test feature-rich and visually appealing applications. In addition to its expertise in UX and UI components, Infragistics also provides self-service business intelligence and team productivity solutions that help companies transform their businesses with actionable insights and enhanced collaboration. With locations in the United States, U.K. Japan, Bulgaria, Uruguay and India, Infragistics has served as an industry leader in UX and UI components for over 25 years.

Infragistics Software Products


Reveal is a purpose-built data analytics solution that provides sophisticated business insights that empower smarter business decision making. Through self-service BI, users can dig even deeper into their data to monitor and analyze KPIs in real-time through data visualizations and interactive dashboards that they can customize. As an embedded analytics solution, it also extends these capabilities to a company’s clients, enabling accelerated implementation of a custom-branded application of their product that includes business intelligence.

Responsive, it displays insights on every screen as intended and is optimized for all platforms, with native mobile apps for Android and iOS, ensuring a seamless user experience. It is available for both on-premise and cloud-based SaaS deployment. Cost efficient and affordable, it unlocks the power of data analytics for employees at every level of an organization.

SharePlus Enterprise

SharePlus Enterprise

SharePlus Enterprise by Infragistics is a mobile collaboration tool that helps teams keep working while on-the-go, whether connected to the internet or not. It provides mobile workspaces that store content and data, as well as provide features like lists, calendars, announcements, tasks, discussions and more. All in one place, users can securely access these workspaces, document completed tasks and build and share data visualizations to drive decision making. Users can configure, customize and deploy their own solutions via workspace templates and an administration tool. It smoothly integrates with popular cloud storage providers like SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, Windows Network Drive, Box and Dropbox. It empowers members of a team and organization to stay in touch throughout the life of a project and stay productive.

It is available through a one-year subscription on a per user pricing model.


 Indigo Studio

Indigo.Design is a platform for UX design and prototyping that streamlines app creation and development by allowing users to demo a fully-functional, interactive end product before developing it. Users can tailor designs with the tool’s pre-built patterns, their own custom UI libraries, more than 50 customizable UI kit components as well as themes. Through a WYSIWYG interface, users can create designs with drag and drop ease and visualize user flows. With built-in collaborative tools, it helps teams design and develop together through group workspaces, comments, notifications and version history. Developers can then test the usability of their designs with real users, getting valuable feedback via analytics reports or videos of users interacting with their prototypes. By placing an emphasis on a functional, beautiful UX, it helps developers ensure higher user adoption of the end product. It saves time by allowing developers to test many times and code only once, assisted by the system with high-quality HTML, CSS and Angular code generation.

It is offered under four different plans, listed in order of increasing functionality: the free Essential edition, Professional, Enterprise and On-Prem. It is licensed per user on a monthly or pre-paid yearly subscription basis.


Dean Guida, Founder & CEO has guided Infragistics since 1989 from its early days as a small startup to its status as a global leader in UI/UX development tools today. He oversees all aspects of the company’s business operations and corporate direction, keeping their focus on the customer and delivering value to the market.

Jason Beres, Sr. VP of Developer Tools, has been with Infragistics since 2004. Along with his team, he explores innovative, customer-driven user experiences and works directly with Infragistics clients all over the world to meet their needs. A former Microsoft .NET MVP and author of several books on software development, Jason is a very active member of the developer and UX community and a distinguished speaker at several national and international conferences.

More Information

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