Benefits and Insights

Why use DotNetNuke?

Key differentiators & advantages of DotNetNuke

  • Advanced Web Content Management
    DotNetNuke delivers a powerful content management solution with an intuitive, easily understood interface designed for non-technical content contributors. It includes a powerful suite of applications for a wide variety of web development needs. You can also choose from thousands of additional apps which can be easily installed through a direct connection to the DotNetNuke Store and DotNetNuke Extensions Forge.

  • Social Communities Turn Customers into Advocates
    DotNetNuke enables businesses to quickly build social intranets to improve collaboration, communication and employee productivity. It also enables organizations to deploy online communities that lower support costs and turn customers into advocates.

  • Optimize Content for Mobile Devices
    DotNetNuke makes it fast and easy for organizations of all sizes to deliver tailored online experiences for thousands of unique mobile devices. Features for managing mobile device detection, page routing, site groups and delivering content optimized for mobile browsers will help you build and maintain highly modern websites.

  • Performance & Scalability
    As your business grows, DotNetNuke grows with you. DotNetNuke includes features for page and module caching to speed the delivery of web pages and provide visitors with a more satisfying experience. DotNetNuke provides web farm support to increase performance and guarantee content delivery.

  • Keep your Site Safe and Secure
    DotNetNuke helps to secure one of your most important business assets. It provides security roles, a granular permission solution and content approval workflows that lets you control who can view, edit and publish content on your site. DotNetNuke also includes powerful features to monitor the health of your site, detect changes to your source code and proactively notify you about security updates.

  • Share and Manage Documents
    Available exclusively in the DotNetNuke Enterprise Edition, the Microsoft SharePoint Connector enables fast, secure publishing of documents stored in SharePoint to public web sites, extranets or intranets. You can securely manage your document library within SharePoint and selectively publish specific documents using the flexible, cost effective DNN platform.. DotNetNuke also includes a full document management solution which allows your organization to store, control and view documents online.

  • Cloud Ready
    The DotNetNuke platform is fully compatible with Windows Azure Hosting. It also provides cloud service integration with the Windows Azure Storage and Amazon S3 folder providers. DotNetNuke is a great foundation for moving to the cloud, whether you want to move your whole site to the cloud or just your file storage. If you would like to participate in our DNN Cloud Services beta program, make sure to submit your application today.

  • Powerful Development Platform
    DotNetNuke is both a powerful Web Content Management System (CMS) and a Web application development framework. The flexible DotNetNuke architecture allows you to easily add functionality or change the appearance of your web site through the addition of DotNetNuke apps.
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