Property Maintenance vs CMMS: A Comprehensive Comparison of the Difference Between Them

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The human need for shelter is one of the most important for survival. It provides protection. It gives you a place to do your daily activities. It makes you feel safe. And it can even help maintain your will to survive. All of this is why property maintenance is so crucial to businesses.

Ok, it may not be quite that drastic. But your properties are still extremely important assets that need just as much care and management as your employees, your products and your supply chain. Maybe even more. After all, these are the places where your employees work and run your business. That means that keeping your properties running safely and productively is crucial. So let’s get started using property maintenance.

…Or, maybe you should use CMMS software. Property maintenance and CMMS are similar systems of maintenance, but they’re not the same. As such, there’s a lot of confusion about which is which, and what features each has. So let’s take a deeper look and compare property maintenance vs CMMS:

What is Property Maintenance?

Property maintenance is also referred to by many as property management, facility management, facilities maintenance or building maintenance. As you can probably guess based on the name, its primary purpose is to take care of your various properties. It’s most commonly used by commercial property owners, but it’s also useful for anyone whose business relies on its buildings (such as a manufacturing facility).

The most important aspect of property maintenance is organizing repairs and preventive maintenance for the facility, in order to keep it in peak condition. But it also includes other types of care, according to Universal Site Services. Lawn maintenance, painting, snow removal, graffiti cleaning and plumbing all fall under the property maintenance umbrella as well. Also included are life-cycle management, space utilization and resource allocation features.

What is CMMS?

So what exactly is a CMMS, then? A computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS, is one of the most common software systems used by businesses that are involved in manufacturing and industrial operations. They’re also commonly used by businesses that manage property maintenance.

As the name suggests, a CMMS is a software system that manages your maintenance tasks. The key features include managing your work orders, keeping up with your asset management and organizing your preventive maintenance schedule. Additionally, these systems help maintenance managers schedule their workforce, ensuring that all of their maintenance activities get done on time. There’s even an inventory management component that tracks spare parts for your equipment.

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Property Maintenance vs CMMS: How are they Similar?

So what’s similar about property maintenance and CMMS? The main similarities lie in the scheduling of maintenance. Both property maintenance and CMMS help you organize repairs and replacements when they come up. You can use either system to organize your maintenance workers in order to damage any repairs to your facility. This goes for damage to the building itself — such as the facade, walls or foundation — or any heavy equipment you have in your facility.

Managing preventive maintenance is also a key component for each. This oftentimes includes repairs and regular maintenance such as those listed above. Preventive maintenance is integral in assuring that your facilities not only run well, but that they last a long time. The same goes for your equipment. After all, if you don’t take care of either one, you’re going to be left with an unsafe facility that you need to relocate from. And as we’re sure you’re well aware, relocation is anything but cheap.

Property Maintenance vs CMMS: How are they Different?

When you pit property maintenance vs CMMS, one thing becomes clear: property maintenance is mostly just one aspect of a much broader CMMS. Property maintenance focuses on your facilities, namely preventive maintenance and repairs. A CMMS solution, on the other hand, includes all of this and more.

You can use a CMMS to perform property maintenance, but that’s not its limit. A CMMS provides a much more holistic approach to managing your day-to-day operations. You can also use it for asset management, including everything from your facilities to your equipment to your vehicles.

Other features that are common in a CMMS but aren’t a part of property maintenance include scheduling your maintenance workers and managing your inventory, so you can track all of your most important spare parts. One of the most widely used features of all is work order management, so you can track, organize, store and manage all of your work orders digitally within the system. Property maintenance doesn’t have this functionality.

Which is Best?

That’s a trick question; neither is best overall, per se. But depending on your needs, one or the other may be the better option. More often than not, we’d recommend using a CMMS, since it can not only manage property maintenance, but many other types of maintenance as well. In addition, it can handle other aspects of your day-to-day operations, such as work orders and scheduling. If, however, you need to save money, then sticking with good ol’ property maintenance should suffice (if that’s the only capability you need, that is).

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SelectHubProperty Maintenance vs CMMS: A Comprehensive Comparison of the Difference Between Them

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