CMMS Healthcare Software: Top Solutions for Health Care and Hospitals

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Healthcare is a field where mistakes are especially costly, and the same applies to all areas of running a hospital, even the infrastructure. That’s one reason why running a hospital today is unimaginable without the help of a comprehensive CMMS software (Computerized Maintenance Management System). Specifically, CMMS healthcare software allows hospitals to take complete control over all of their maintenance management-related tasks, enabling managers to always have access to the necessary information for making informed decisions at their disposal.

But not all CMMS were created equal. Some specialize in the unique needs of a healthcare provider, and others offer modules that can adapt to your hospital or practice. Our analysts selected the top CMMS healthcare solutions so that you don’t have to.

Why Is CMMS So Important in Healthcare?

There are over 5,000 hospitals operating in the United States according to the most recent American Hospital Association data. Each of them faces maintenance challenges that need to be dealt with in an efficient manner while maintaining the safety and integrity of the caregiving space.

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Healthy Hospital, Healthy Patients

Without a fully-integrated computerized maintenance management system, the risks extend beyond maintenance itself. If the living spaces and infrastructure aren’t effectively managed, it can not only affect employee productivity, but it can also contribute to an increased risk of liability and negatively impact patients.

What’s more, since the competition in the health sector is as fierce as ever, hospitals and other healthcare facilities that aren’t run efficiently will have a very hard time staying competitive and profitable. If you can’t afford to stay afloat, you can’t afford to treat patients. With the help of a healthcare CMMS, medical practices can streamline their maintenance operations, which in turn helps increase efficiency and improve the patient experience.

Regulation Ready

Healthcare maintenance software also plays a vital role because of the amount of scrutiny that medical facilities are subjected to. Numerous government regulations require hospitals to maintain the very highest standards of infrastructure and maintenance, which are enforced during regular audits. CMMS for hospitals and medical practices offer specialized modules that can help your practice maintain standards and provide top-notch facilities to your patients.

CMMS healthcare software can be very useful for collecting and sorting all of the relevant information that’s required during performance audits, ensuring that they go smoothly and quickly. The software provides storage for extensive equipment records that can be easily accessed. With a CMMS hospital managers can schedule regular inspections of the medical and other equipment to ensure that everything is always working properly.

Security and Inventory Concerns

With CMMS, hospital managers can have real-time access to insights related to all of the equipment maintenance and other asset management, keeping a constantly updated inventory of maintenance materials and repair parts that may be required. This helps hospitals stay ahead of any potential supply shortages that could disrupt schedules.

Hospital CMMS also authorizes staff members to gain access to maintenance supplies and parts using their current location. This allows them to quickly determine availability and cost for any item that may be required. Role-based access allows managers to restrict access based on their employees’ responsibilities, so you’ll always know who’s allowed access to what. In a hospital with valuable or dangerous medications and tools, it’s vital to be able to track who has access to them. This not only protects you in case of theft or misuse, but it can also help keep illegally acquired medication off the streets.

Hospital facility management software and CMMS can even suggest alternative parts or materials that are needed for maintenance if the ones you’re looking for aren’t available. This enables you to implement extensive preventive maintenance measures, which can greatly extend the life of the equipment, as well as reduce general failure rates.

And Everything Else

In addition, a comprehensive computerized maintenance management system should be able to cover a wide range of areas of a hospital, such as HVAC systems, plumbing, elevators, food storage equipment and medical equipment, just to name a few.

With the help of healthcare CMMS software, hospital staff members have a much easier time resolving maintenance issues quickly. Additionally, they can get ahead of potential problems instead of having to scramble once an issue pops up without a plan in place to deal with it.

Top CMMS Healthcare Software

Our analysts carefully analyzed dozens of CMMS platforms to determine which were best suited to the healthcare industry. Here are their findings in no particular order:
Compare Top CMMS Software Leaders


EMaint is a CMMS that’s been around for more than three decades. It’s always been at the forefront of innovating how organizations approach maintenance management, providing comprehensive yet intuitive ways to make the entire process more efficient.

It’s a great solution for healthcare facilities because eMaint can be customized to fit the needs of each individual facility. With eMaint, it’s very easy to set up the maintenance processes according to your individual needs, such as regulations and specific business practices.

The eMaint CMMS also provides numerous options for configuring layouts, tables, workflows, dashboards, filters and much more, giving organizations complete control over how they want to approach maintenance management.

When eMaint is properly implemented, it can help medical facilities improve regulatory compliance, prevent equipment failure and increase overall productivity.

eMaint’s scheduling calendar lets users track maintenance work orders and other tasks

Reviews: 98/100
Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L

Maintenance Connection

For those that are looking for a web-based CMMS with a proven track record in medical facilities, Maintenance Connection is a terrific option.

The system has an easy-to-use online interface that provides convenient access along with the main benefits of a robust CMMS, such as the tracking and management of maintenance costs, providing insights on potential equipment failures, optimizing asset lifecycles, and many other essential tasks that streamline your labor efforts.

Since the healthcare sector has some of the toughest regulations out there, a capable CMMS is a crucial part of running a medical facility, which is exactly what Maintenance Connection can offer.

In addition, Maintenance Connection allows you to take complete control of asset tracking, providing extensive information including serial numbers, meter readings, warranty and user manuals, just to name a few. This information enables managers to ensure that the lifecycle of each asset is prolonged while controlling maintenance costs.

Maintenance Connection lets users track individual inventory items as well as overall stock

Reviews: 89/100
Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L


MPulse is another excellent CMMS solution. It offers extensive customization features according to the individual needs of each facility. The software comes as four different versions, each of which is scalable to the next in case the facility expands. This way, MPulse is able to offer a solution to both small clinics and the biggest hospitals in the U.S. With different versions of the software, companies can choose the one that best fits their operational requirements.

Compare CMMS Pricing & Costs with our Pricing Guide

MPulse Bronze is an excellent option for smaller practices or entry-level users and offers preventive maintenance scheduling, maintenance tracking and work order management. Silver offers these same features in addition to advanced service request management. Gold adds inventory management and vendor contract management to the list of silver features.

The top available version, MPulse Platinum, is one of the most comprehensive CMMS solutions on the market, as it can meet the demands of any medical facility, no matter its size. It offers scheduling, tracking and reporting functionality that ensures smooth management of your healthcare facilities. It even has a global option for managing multiple campuses with ease.

MPulse’s equipment tracking lets users store crucial asset data directly in the asset profile

Reviews: 85/100
Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L


UpKeep’s cloud-based CMMS and EAM solutions provides robust maintenance management to healthcare providers. It caters to every size of practice with a tiered pricing system that offers starter, professional and business plans.

With UpKeep’s work order categorization, users can arrange tasks in order of urgency. This helps keep everyone on the same page about which maintenance activities need to be performed first. Users can also track overdue work orders — this has the double benefit of ensuring tasks don’t go unfinished as well as tracking any employees who may be struggling to finish tasks on time. Managers can use this information to determine whether more training or managing expectations is necessary to proceed.

This CMMS also offers excellent reporting and business intelligence features. Managers can analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) month to month. This lets them track performance, labor costs and other KPIs like average response time per request. This allows managers to hold technicians accountable for work performed and offers more control all around.

UpKeep’s mobile access capabilities make it an excellent solution for healthcare providers. Maintenance staff can access tasks directly from their mobile devices, reducing the need for central computer usage. This is ideal for large hospital facilities,encourages independent employee operation and means less micromanagement for your managers.

UpKeep offers intuitive mobile features for users on the go

Reviews: 100/100
Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L

Hippo CMMS

The SaaS CMMS from Hippo offers an excellent maintenance system for facilities of all sizes. It offers a free trial and payment on a subscription model so users can pay as they go. Hippo also comes in three payment tiers: Hippo Lite, Hippo Pro and Hippo Pro Plus — all of which offer increasingly comprehensive CMMS functionality.

Hippo’s advanced dashboard feature provides maintenance teams with visualized layouts of your facilities. This improves onboarding time as new technicians get familiar with the facility and increases efficiency of existing teams. Key equipment can also be tracked and monitored on this dashboard, so users always know where equipment is and what maintenance has been performed on it.

Hippo also offers responsive, in-depth training on how to use its system. Hippo offers lifetime tech support, video tutorials and unlimited free monthly training sessions for the first six months. This CMMS prides itself on speed and responsiveness, promising users 99.7 percent uptime, same-day client request responses, free annual updates and login credentials within 24 hours of signup. This CMMS simplifies and streamlines the maintenance process so you don’t have to.

Hippo CMMS offers color-coded scheduling to make maintenance tracking easy and intuitive

Reviews : 81/100
Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L

Compare CMMS Pricing & Costs with our Pricing Guide

Final Thoughts

No solution is a perfect fit for every organization, but this list should give you a good jumping-off point in your health care maintenance software search. Never underestimate the power of an intuitive software system in facilitating workflows — the difference between a hospital or practice that doesn’t use CMMS software for healthcare and one that does is significant. Put the functionality of your facility first and consider implementing a CMMS today.

Don’t forget to check out our requirements template to identify the key features your practice will utilize in a CMMS so you don’t end up over-buying and our comparison report to get in-depth feature comparisons of the industry leaders. This pricing guide offers starting quotes for the solutions listed here among many others to help in your budgeting efforts.

What CMMS system does your healthcare facility use? Let us know in the comments!

SelectHubCMMS Healthcare Software: Top Solutions for Health Care and Hospitals

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