Benefits and Insights

Why use PMXpert?

Key differentiators & advantages of PMXpert

Scheduling Up-to-date information is provided. Select a date and find each piece of equipment that will need preventative maintenance up to that date and exactly what the service is. Work Orders Clear, concise and easy to read. Print out work orders that show procedures, checklists, parts and labor requirements. Each work order generated will detail the necessary equipment/repair procedures, parts, labor, fluid and other costing types. Detailed Reporting Get fast, detailed information with professionally designed, built in reports, or customize reports with the report explorer. Accurate information with detailed and summarized costing reports by unit or service. Know what your maintenance repair costs are and what each detail is costing you on each piece of equipment. Purchasing Stock reports provide the current parts inventory position. Create P.O.'s to bring your stock up to the desired levels. The same part can be setup to be supplied by several suppliers. Emergency Repairs Create an emergency work order to monitor all service activity for each piece of equipment. Flexibility Each piece of equipment can be setup with as many services as necessary (i.e. 3 month service, 6 month service, annual inspection). Preventive maintenance services can be set up by time or on a counter (odometer, hour meter, etc.). Count Updates Update counts by entering in the new count or by entering in a value to be added to the current count. 

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