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Why use Mobility Work?

Key differentiators & advantages of Mobility Work

  • Digitize Maintenance: Users can take maintenance tasks such as work orders, technician notes, reports, communication and more mobile with the Mobility Work mobile app-based CMMS.
  • Interact With a Maintenance Community: Maintenance teams can share their expertise, talk about best practices, get advice and trade information on the Mobility Work social network.
  • Use Statistics to Make Decisions: Users can record industry-specific KPIs on their operations and use them to generate reports. These give insights into their operations, improve transparency and allow them to improve their decision-making.
  • Get Better Return on Investment: By keeping assets running longer and more frequently, users improve their return on assets and boost their profits.
  • Improve Productivity: Mobility Work’s mobile interface lets technicians perform their tasks on-the-move, improving their efficiency and streamlining their workflows.
  • Lengthen Asset Lifespan: Management can build extensive preventive maintenance plans that ensure routine repair work and lengthen the useful lifespan of an organization’s assets.

Industry Expertise

Mobility Work provides CMMS for organizations in manufacturing, food and beverage, technology, transportation, sports, mining and more.

Key Features

  • Asset Management: This feature tracks equipment, performs spare part inventory management and helps technicians keep track of their tools. Users can schedule and monitor maintenance activities, attach documentation to asset profiles, analyze employee performance on work orders and more. Asset history records keep a detailed log of repair and maintenance history, warranties and other relevant data that technicians can access or update in the field via their mobile device. Facility Managers can also add GPS coordinates or other location information to asset profiles for efficient location.
  • Spare Part Management: Mobility Work optimizes stock management and spare tool inventory by offering location tracking, min/max quantities, restocking options and automatic nomenclature fields. It can also interface with the organization’s ERP to expedite this process.
  • Accessible Data: Users can import data such as equipment lists, maintenance history, warrantied, etc from an Excel software or previous CMMS at no additional cost. Users can access data in the form of wiring diagrams, images, audio files and maps from a centralized documentation hub on a desktop or in the field. They can also enrich their data with IoT connected devices.
  • Intervention Logging: Mobility Work makes it easy to enter intervention data and monitor plant activity in real time. Users can generate QR codes and scan them to automatically launch intervention processes and create work orders from a mobile device.
  • Reporting: Users can track KPIs and use them to generate a variety of customized or industry-standard report types. They can then use this data to analyze operations and performance, predict future circumstances and make better decisions.
  • Social Media Network: Users can chat with each other within the organization as well as with external maintenance providers on the mobile social network. It facilitates sharing knowledge, building relationships and positioning experts as leaders in their field.

Mobility Work Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email support directly.
phonePhone: Users cannot call support directly.
schoolTraining: Training is available in the form of tutorial videos, articles and demos.
local_offerTickets: Mobility Work does not offer a ticket support system. To receive tech support, users can follow tutorials, explore a vast library of self-help resources, search the knowledgebase for FAQs and answers on specific topics or chat with a support representative.

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