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Why use Maxpanda?

Key differentiators & advantages of Maxpanda

  • Go Paperless: Spend less time updating spreadsheets, sending emails and filling out paperwork by digitizing the whole maintenance process. Maxpanda keeps documents organized and searchable in its centralized database so users can worry about more important things than lost paperwork.
  • Communicate Smoothly: The web-based system streamlines and centralizes communications between maintenance technicians, management, contractors, vendors and any other users who need to be looped in on maintenance work and plans.
  • Budget Smarter: Tracking costs associated with spare parts inventory, assets, repairs and labor in the system helps management monitor exactly what they’re spending money on in order to budget more effectively for future years. It also helps identify when an asset begins to cost more to maintain than replace, allowing organizations to plan ahead.
  • Organize Parts: The inventory management module lets users track a variety of details, including part numbers, vendor information, item serial numbers, stock levels and more. This keeps equipment organized, cuts over-ordering, reduces the chances of running out of parts and makes everything much centralized.
  • Increase Asset Lifespan/Reliability: Keeping detailed repair histories of assets helps management track repair costs, schedule recurring maintenance and stick to preventive maintenance plans. Following PM plans decreases unplanned asset downtime or failure and contributes to longer asset lifespans as well as improved asset reliability.
  • Make Sites Safer: Maxpanda helps technicians assess conditions to identify and prevent safety hazards or equipment failures. Better PM plans also decrease the likelihood of unplanned failures.
  • Customize to Suit Organization’s Needs: Managers can define the minutiae of preventive maintenance plans down to individual tasks assigned to specific technicians to ensure every detail is covered. Create groups to organize teams or assets and generate unique PM plans for an unlimited number of assets in calendar format.

Industry Expertise

Maxpanda serves facility maintenance operations, healthcare providers, resorts and hotels, hospitality, construction, commercial real estate, public works, athletics, manufacturing and nonprofits.

Key Features

  • Maintenance Work Orders: Schedule recurring work orders on a communal schedule, assign work orders, send out email or push notifications to assigned technicians and set up pre-approval to expedite the process.
  • User-Friendly Interface: From quick and easy setup to intuitive design and web browser-based access, Maxpanda puts ease of use at the forefront. The calendar interface makes it easy to create, assign and monitor maintenance schedules.
  • Inventory Management: Track inventory levels, reduce waste and keep costs down by reducing overstocking of items. Users can monitor part costs and equipment lifespans as well as set the system to automatically remove items from inventory when they are used in a work order.
  • Asset Management: Includes asset accounting, location tracking and maintenance records. Management can assign assets for use as well as locate them on a facility map. Asset profiles keep a record of warranties, install dates, repair history, tags, images, procedures and more.
  • Task Status: Track work order status and PM progress by publishing tasks, sending out automated emails and defining specific groups of relevant contacts.
  • Digital Task Library: Create, import, share and set tasks to repeat from the digitized task dashboard. Customize templates for recurring tasks and share them with groups or the whole organization to streamline work.
  • Live Maps: Track asset location, materials transport and other location-based metrics with real-time maps.

Product Limitations

Some of the product limitations include:

  • Doesn’t allow users to make changes or edits in a group. Users are required to make the required changes or enter payment information multiple times
  • The solution removes features or functions without notifying end users
  • HD images or pictures are difficult to upload on the system
  • The solution doesn’t offer access to delete orders at manager level. For example, a manager can’t edit or delete an error or work order submitted by mistake
  • Doesn’t allow users to prepare failure analysis reports

Maxpanda Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: To access 24/7 support, users must log in to their user dashboard.
phonePhone: To get in touch with support via phone, users must log in to their dashboard.
schoolTraining: Start with a free 15-day trial to get a feel for the interface. Subscribers can access free user guides, webinars, blogs and other useful resources to self-guide training.
local_offerTickets: To open a case, users can fill out the support form on the contact page or log in to their user account. Make sure to fill in the required fields in as much detail as possible for expedited assistance.

Cost of Ownership for Maxpanda

License/Subscription Cost

Subscription-based pricing model: monthly cost depends on the number of work orders and facilities

Offers six pricing plans: Basic, Starter, Enhanced, Standard, Pro and Enterprise

Cost varies depending on the payment type, yearly payment is $120 less than the monthly payment plan

Additional discount available to non-profit organizations

Maintenance Cost

Included in the subscription cost

Provides phone-based and live chat support for immediate answers to the queries

Technical support button is on the dashboard for 24/7 global support

Installation/Implementation CostImplementation cost is included in the subscription fee
Customization Cost

No customization cost

Provides six fixed plans for SMB and enterprise users

Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost

Cost is included in the subscription fee

Provides built-in multi-data uploader, which allows the user to create or add up to 10,000 buildings, locations, addresses, assets, bins, parts and vendors per page on a single spreadsheet

Site Editors, Site Admins, Company Editors and Company Admins have direct desktop access to bulk uploading of datasheets once or multiple times

Bulk upload pages are available for each site user

Recurring/Renewal CostsCost is included in the monthly or annual subscription fee

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