Benefits and Insights

Why use ManWinWin?

Key differentiators & advantages of ManWinWin

  • Centralize Information Access: Drag-and-drop work order management, an intuitive calendar view, contact management and mobile access take all aspects of maintenance management and centralize them into a convenient hub.
  •   Reduce Costs: ManWinWin’s preventive maintenance plans facilitate frequent and timely repairs, reducing unexpected downtime and costly failures. It streamlines workflows and makes access to information instantaneous and centralized, saving labor hours and valuable time. It also lets users budget and forecast using real-time KPIs.
  • Increase Productivity and Efficiency: ManWinWin offers labor management features without needing to integrate an additional workforce management solution. It improves technician productivity through mobile access and work order assignment, lets management batch-edit work orders and generates reports on maintenance ratios for better future planning. 
  • Make Business Decisions Based on Data: By tracking accurate KPIs and metrics, organizations collect relevant data from across multiple sites and facilities and use it to make data-driven business decisions.
  • Efficiently Manage Inventory: ManWinWin automatically records materials in stock and offers stock level alerts and reorder suggestions when stock is low. Users can track spare part stock, attach parts to specific work orders and organize materials across multiple sites so everything stays organized.

Industry Expertise

ManWinWin is used by over 2,100 companies in 103 countries and specializes in transportation, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, food, beverage and more.

Key Features

  • Dashboards: Real-time dashboards keep maintenance managers’ finger on the pulse of their operations. They provide insight into work order and asset status, ongoing costs, stock levels, KPIs and other important information. Users can generate reports on preventive to corrective maintenance ratios, technician workloads and more.
  • Smart Tag: Users can scan QR codes or NFC labels in order to perform maintenance tasks, access information and interact with asset profiles directly from a mobile device. Access-enabled users can pull up technical requirements, images, warranties and work options using these codes.
  • Asset Management: ManWinWin facilitates asset maintenance and management of a variety of equipment types. Users can utilize this feature on their own assets or on client assets across multiple sites. It offers a dynamic coding system with industry-standard codes as well as the option to add alternative codes, keeps detailed records of maintenance histories, lets users create project projections and creates comprehensive asset profiles.
  • Work Orders: Maintenance managers can create maintenance plans, associate work orders with specific assets, monitor work on a calendar interface and track running records of maintenance. ManWinWin allows batch task editing, downtime calculations, cost predictions and deviation analysis. 
  • Materials/Procurement: A materials master file lets users perform unique coding to track materials both on and between sites. Users can directly associate spare parts by barcode or stock number with work orders and manage large groups of items by linking them to supplier profiles. 
  • Cost Management: The cost management module organizes accounts payable and receivable, easily connects accounting to the maintenance department, generates invoices and lets management create and monitor budgets in real time. 
  • KPIs: ManWinWin tracks a variety of industry-standard and customizable KPIs. Users can perform comparative analysis based on costs, equipment, year, etc. and chart them via work reports for easy communication.
  • Maintenance Requests: Role-based access gives guests, employees and management the ability to request maintenance through their mobile devices. They can request designated service times and leave satisfaction ratings when the request is completed. 

ManWinWin Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail:To get in touch users can send an email to [email protected]
phonePhone:Users can call tech support at (+ 351) 214 309 100. 
schoolTraining:ManWinWin EXPRESS and START customers can access practical online training courses that consist of eight modules of over 60 video classes and documents. These courses take employees from brand new to proficient at using ManWinWin and include guides on implementation, registering materials, maintenance work, creating budgets, monitoring KPIs and more. ManWinWin also offers in-person training sessions on client premises in maintenance organization and management that instruct facility managers on topics like standardized maintenance concepts, department procedure manuals, optimizing workflows and more.
local_offerTickets: To get remote technical support users must download Teamviewer and submit a request to get a service technician’s help. Users can also report errors or bugs on the support home page and browse FAQs to perform self-guided support.
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