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  • Facility Maintenance Software Track one location to unlimited locations all in one system- record maintenance performed in rooms, roofs or on physical equipment such as HVAC or boilers. ManagerPlus allows employees, tenants, customers, etc., to submit work requests with ease.

  • Manufacturing Management & Plant Maintenance Software Manufacturing and plant maintenance personnel use ManagerPlus to easily and effectively manage preventive maintenance schedules for all plant equipment. Quick to learn, ManagerPlus ensures that the maintenance system you pay for will actually get used and therefore, will drive equipment reliability throughout your operation. 

  • Construction Maintenance Management Construction is an asset-intensive industry. You need your tools and equipment available and ready to maintain your budgets and project timelines. ManagerPlus® effortlessly handles an unlimited number of preventive maintenance schedules for all of your vehicles, tools, and heavy equipment. 

  • Mining & Natural Resources Maintenance Uptime is mission-critical in mining and natural resources. Proactively manage and maintain your production equipment so you can keep producing. Avoid the burden of broken equipment while handling overburden. Keep drills drilling. Crushers crushing. Pumps pumping. From exploration through refinery, ManagerPlus shakes out as a best-in-class asset + maintenance management solution to support your operation. 

  • Fleet Maintenance Programs by ManagerPlus Monitor and track maintenance to vehicles and their subsystems (engines, tires, hydraulics, etc). Easy to use, and quick to learn, our software system ensures that the system you pay for will actually get used. 

  • Maintenance Management for Public Works ManagerPlus helps hundreds of city government and public works department and facilities managers meet that demand and maximize assets. Waste management and water treatment. Bridges and buildings. Streets and storm sewers. Forestry, parks, cemeteries, and grounds. ManagerPlus helps you keep the equipment, tools, and supplies needed to conduct Public Works—working. 

  • Maintenance Management for Hospitality Industry Transform the way you maintain your facility by improving operational efficiencies, reducing costs and shifting resources away from paper-based systems. Powerful preventative maintenance combined with work order and inventory management delivers robust functionality. With ManagerPlus, you can quickly and easily schedule and review recurring maintenance tasks while reducing the time needed to administer service requests. It formulates work orders for your onsite maintenance staff or preferred building service vendors or suppliers. Plus, you can generate reports on work order history and preventative maintenance schedules on buildings and equipment. 

  • Property Management Software Track one location to unlimited locations all in one system. Incoming repair orders. Outgoing work requests. Scheduled maintenance with calendars + alerts. Surprises, handled more handily.

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