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Key differentiators & advantages of Maintenance Pro

  • Maintenance Pro features a user-friendly, tree-like structure, which allows you to categorize and quickly locate your equipment. To further aid in tree navigation, you can assign any of 200+ icons to each piece of equipment and to each category.

  • Maintenance Pro makes it easy to see when a vehicle or piece of equipment is due for service at all times. Automated and color-coded preventive maintenance alerts will automatically display upon program startup. Equipment due (or overdue) for service will be shaded "red"while equipment soon due for service will be shaded "yellow". This provides an excellent visual of where your assets stand at any given time.

  • Maintenance Pro provides a wide range of preventive maintenance services that are already defined for you. However, you can easily customize the list or create your own maintenance schedules based on the tracking requirements of your equipment. You can track your preventive maintenance by date, mileage, hours, or kilometers.

  • Repair maintenance tracking is essential to your equipment management. Maintenance Pro enables you to track and monitor trends in repair maintenance, so you can decide whether to keep or retire a piece of equipment. As you schedule unexpected repairs,Maintenance Pro automatically notifies you when they are due.

  • Maintenance Pro automatically calculates when preventive maintenance and repairs are due for your equipment and informs you of the results. At all times, the main screen highlights equipment which requires attention. For quick visual identification, equipment due (or overdue) for service is shaded "red", while equipment soon due for service is shaded "yellow".

  • Maintenance Pro maintains a detailed maintenance history. Each history record includes the fundamental date, meter reading, and description of work performed, as well as a detailed breakdown of the individual PM, repairs, labor, and parts involved. Maintenance Pro also stores itemized costs and taxes for each detail of your history entries.

  • The comprehensive Maintenance Pro parts system allows you to itemize the parts your equipment needs. You can record part details, such as part numbers, descriptions, unit costs, vendors, etc. The built-in reports provide part data in the format you need to keep your parts well organized.

  • The Maintenance Pro Professional Edition includes part inventory management. You can manage your part stock with re-order notifications, part associations, and a built-in purchase order system.

  • Maintenance Pro automatically updates all related services for that piece of equipment and stores the entire work order in the history database. Work order reports complete this feature, by allowing you to view the data in detailed and summary formats.

  • Maintenance Pro gives you more than just reports at your fingertips. From simple equipment listing reports to detailed periodical cost analysis reports, everything you need is included. The built-in report designer lets you easily make adjustments to any of the stock reports included with Maintenance Pro. Many additional features are also included, such as employee and vendor databases, purchase orders, billing and program security.

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