Benefits and Insights

Why use Interal?

Key differentiators & advantages of Interal

  • Create and Stick to Preventive Maintenance Plans: Management staff can assign tasks to technicians with drag-and-drop work orders and then track maintenance tasks with real-time updates. Users can plan repairs days, weeks or even months ahead of time. These PM plans increase asset longevity and decrease unexpected downtime.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Maintenance dashboards give users insight into maintenance metrics and display information on work orders, collect long-term data and provide visibility into an organization’s operations in order to make smarter decisions.
  • Track Work Order Process: Role-based accounts allow users to request work orders and track their progress through the system once they have been approved. Management can assign tasks and monitor the time spent completing them to track performance and assess productivity.
  • Keep Detailed Maintenance History: Equipment information files keep a record of serial numbers, warranty details, asset location, parts lists and maintenance history and users can access this information from a desktop or mobile device to retrieve extensive asset information at a glance as well as update it when needed.
  • Organize Parts: The parts inventory module keeps components organized by recording profile information, tracking maintenance on individual parts and locating parts within assets to automate organizational tasks and reduce inventory loss.
  • Ensure Safety: Integrated lockout procedures prevent unauthorized access to assets and machinery as well as the maintenance system. Safety documents associated with specific equipment are automatically attached to work orders assigned to those assets for easy access to promote technician safety.
  • Customize Solution: Organizations can work together with developers at Interal to customize the platform to suit industry and organizational needs.

Industry Expertise

Interal specializes in manufacturing, food and beverage, healthcare, aerospace, municipalities and lumber. It is based in Canada and serves North American clients.

Key Features

  • Configurable Dashboards: Customizable maintenance dashboards give users access to a snapshot of their KPIs.
  • Grouped Metrics: Users can group KPIs into specific categories to make access easier — these categories include technical, time management, financial and work orders.
  • Report Designer: The designer offers clear and easily interpretable reports to communicate information, combine data and track asset input.
  • Kompanion! Mobile App: This mobile application lets technicians view and escalate requests, track labor hours, input data, update asset profiles, attach images and more.
  • Geographical Navigation: Managers can log equipment location on site with images and maps to help users find equipment efficiently and safely.
  • Work Orders: Technicians can create, assign, track and complete work orders in an entirely paperless process. It lets managers plan work ahead of time and set reminders for recurring maintenance tasks to keep repairs timely.

    Interal Suite Support

    mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot contact support via email and must log in to their user account.
    phonePhone: To contact support, users should call 1 877 468-3725.
    schoolTraining: Interal offers accredited training programs that provide personalized coaching through implementation and introduction to the software. Users can also download a variety of help documents for self-training.
    local_offerTickets: To submit a technical support request, users can log in to their subscriber account.

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