Benefits and Insights

Why use GoCodes?

Key differentiators & advantages of GoCodes

Track & Manage Company Assets from Anywhere 
 Easily track and manage rich data about your assets on-the-go. Instantly add photos and web-links and check assets in-and-out in seconds by scanning the QR code label. 

Check In and Out Assets by Scanning the QR Barcode 
 GoCodes customers can quickly check in and out single or multiple items in just a few seconds. Just scan the QR code label with our mobile app and click 'Assign To' to check out an asset to an employee, customer or project. GoCodes keeps accurate records of who has each asset and a complete history over time. 

Asset & Inventory Audit Scanner 
 Quickly complete monthly, quarterly or annual asset inventory checks by simply scanning the QR code. The software automatically records the date/time and location of each asset on a map. 

Manage Inventory Quantity 
 You can mark specific items to be tracked as consumable inventory vs. assets. Once an item is marked as inventory, use our mobile apps to scan and update the quantity on-hand in seconds. Stock low? You can scan the GoCodes QR bar code to restock an item too. All inventory transactions are recorded in the history log so you have instant access to how your inventory was used. 

Automate Field Service Requests 
 Customers and field staff can securely call in field-service and other requests by scanning the QR code using any publicly available scanner. Once the patented QR code has been scanned, the system administrator will receive an email or text message alert, with all the details. 

Scheduled Service Notifications
 Schedule future service tasks and appointments and receive automated email notifications and text message alerts when the scheduled service is due. Emails can be sent to multiple users and group distribution lists.

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