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Key differentiators & advantages of Fiix

  • Organize Assets Hierarchically: Set priorities and keep track of vital asset information by creating asset hierarchies with custom categories, asset grouping and profiles.
  • Manage Multiple Sites: Coordinate sites all over the world with real-time data. Managers can set sites to different time zones, standardize currency and perform operations in a variety of languages.
  • Create Preventive Maintenance Plans: Managers can nest preventive maintenance schedules within each other to stack tasks on specific work orders.
  • Track Asset Location: Track rotating assets as they move between facilities, suppliers or outside contractors.
  • Manage Employee Certifications: The system can track workforce certifications and trigger an alert when qualifications are nearing expiration for groups or individuals to ensure compliance and safety.
  • Decrease Downtime: Decrease unexpected downtime with preventive maintenance plans and detailed asset tracking. Users can also track and manage equipment downtime by identifying KPIs with pre-built widgets, as well as assign custom failure codes to organize records.
  • Streamline Workflows: Automatically assign work orders or maintenance tasks to a team or individual to expedite the completion process.

Industry Expertise

Fiix is specially designed for asset-intensive industries such as manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, textiles, industrial production, mining, energy, public utilities, education, healthcare and public works.

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Key Features

  • Search Tool: Search asset repository using nameplate information, identifying details, etc.
  • Purchasing: Design workflows for procurement that match desired company processes. Create purchase requests, compare prices, check inventory levels, and send RFPs/POs via email.
  • Failure Codes: Comes pre-loaded with common failure codes. Technicians can use these standardized codes to support their workflows and escalate issues.
  • Work Orders: Creates work orders with asset attachments, templates and custom fields for repetitive tasks.
  • Integration Hub: Collect, connect and share data drawn from integrated IoT devices with users across the organization.
  • Asset Tags: Generate QR codes barcodes and information tags, then assign them to assets. The mobile app can scan these tags to pull up asset profiles and maintenance records.
  • Spare Parts Management: Itemize spare parts and other materials inventory in a centralized database for searchability and organization. Set alerts for low stock, thresholds and reorders.

Fiix Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: To contact support, users must log in to their Fiix account.
phonePhone: To contact support, users must log in to their Fiix account.
schoolTraining: Fiix offers training tiers to give users the resources they need at a price they can afford. Users can purchase report designer, basic, professional and enterprise packages for between $800 and $2400. Users can also access self-training materials such as blogs, webinars, ebooks, podcasts, infographics and more in the resource center.
local_offerTickets: To submit a ticket, users can visit the help center. They will first be directed to explore existing articles and topics related to their problem to see if it can be solved via FAQ or tutorial. If the problem persists or is not answered, they can open a case in their user account.

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Once we got Fiix, we got an all-around system. It tracked our costs, it tracked our maintenance, and it was wrapped up in a nice little bow in a work order. That made things a lot easier. We're able to foresee problems now, instead of them just popping up.

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