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Why use Megamation Directline?

Key differentiators & advantages of Megamation Directline

  • Integration: Easily access data without coding or expensive system overhauls by integrating with over 300 products via the iWay Universal adapter suite. 
  • DirectLine Mobile: Offers almost all the same capabilities as the desktop site, providing accessibility and mobility. Available on Android, iOS and Blackberry. 
  • Customized Modules: Reduce feature clutter by customizing the interface based on company needs, only including the modules that are required. Other individual modules not needed can be turned off manually.  
  • Decreased Downtime: PM plans reduce unplanned asset downtime by improving asset health, significantly decreasing the chances of major failures. 
  • Better Productivity: Boost organizational and labor pool productivity using work order management. Streamlined workflows reduce confusion over daily tasks. 

Industry Expertise

Specializes in manufacturing, education, health care, food and beverages and facilities.

Key Features

  • Work Order Management:
    •  Create and assign work orders based on trade, shift, department or specific person. 
    •  Allocate parts and tools required to complete the job. 
    •  Attach documents, drawings, instructions, manuals, links and videos to work orders. 
    •  Record work status and other details like time taken or the parts used to complete a work order. 
  • Preventive Maintenance: Predefine labor, parts and tools frequently used in a standard work order. Create and schedule PMs in advance, specify completion date, and attach documents with permission to modify it when necessary. 
  • Inventory Management: Calculate costs and issue parts to work orders automatically. Establish minimum/maximum rules for parts and automate purchase requisitions based on those rules. 
  • Utility Readings: Capture and assign a schedule for meter readings, track usage and monitor utility cost by building, department or any other segment. 
  • Fleet Management:
    •  Manage a fleet of cars, trucks, tows and more, including issuing and returning. 
    •  Track manufacturer’s recall, spare parts and vehicles. 
    •  Monitor components like engines, gearboxes and axles by serial number and warranty dates. 
    •  Automatically generate warranty claim forms and receive warranty alerts. 
    •  Schedule regular inspections. 
    •  Track and store driver information, fuel usage and breakdown reports. 
  • Health and Safety:
    •  Identify and catalog specific training requirements for jobs from different categories. 
    •  Mark appropriate schedules to ensure all certifications remain current. 
    •  Record incident details, including the severity of injuries. 
    •  Compile courses and use the course attendance module to keep track of course completion or non-attendance. 
    •  Measure maintenance requirements and analyze the long- and short-term cost of buildings. 
    •  Track insurance claims and send out a copy of the required forms to insurance companies. 
  • Employee Records and Training: Stores wages, overtime, insurance, training certificates, licensing information pertinent to the employee’s position and more. Access this information through any part of the system to control policies and procedures. Track wages as a component of costs associated with a project. 
  • Purchasing: Generate contracts and blanket or restricted blanket purchase orders, create purchase requisitions for re-stocking, and process retroactive charges. Ensures security with streamlined workflows and password-protected approvals. 
  • Standards and Safety Procedures: Provide special instructions and requirements for equipment or materials by attaching documents and website links. 
  • Contract Management: Establish contracts, issue work orders against them, and estimate labor and materials cost to ensure the job cost is within the contract limit. On completion close the work order and reconcile all the costs, apply it to the initial purchase order and deduct the amount from the contract amount.nbsp;
  • Hazardous Material: Provides a detailed description and information on handling, using, storing, transporting and disposing of hazardous material. Offers an inventory of hazardous materials by location and ties them to work orders. 
  • Document Management: Ensures everyone has access to the information they need. Documents attached to an entity are automatically added to a work order for that entity. 
  • Project Management: Automatically records all work, parts and associated costs. Analyze work results and track unlimited project steps, budgets, commitments, expenditures, contractor performance and contingency allocations. 
  • Catalog: Manages available equipment and assets, tools and dies, and lock and key inventory. 
  • Maintenance Tool Tracking: Issue unique numbers and sign-in/ sign-out dates to tools, reserve tools in PM and work orders, and record calibration history. 
  • Reporting: Generate from any module and configure common types for quick access. Advanced analysis function helps perform ad hoc inquiries like repair cost by categories, breakdown and repair, and more. 
  • Help Desk: Everyone from employees to clients can enter work requests without needing access to the whole system. Selected employees can review asset history and work order status, enter work requests, display possible solutions, and encourage clients to solve the problem on their own. 
  • Space Inventory: Tracks room usage and allocates associated costs on a database that automates space utilization. Streamlines the process of space usage and allocation with information such as square footage, utilities, dimensions and limitations. 
  • Capital Planning: Track and maintain capital requirements of a facility, integrate plans with day-to-day operations and access reports like a capital analysis spreadsheet, cash flow and reserve fund analyses. 
  • Room Scheduler: Request specific room types, identify setup requirements and notify concerned personnel for specific changes. Schedule repetitive meetings and identify when the rooms or facilities will be unavailable due to construction, holidays or other bookings. 

Suite Support

Offers 24/7 support and unlimited training.

mail_outlineEmail: [email protected]
phonePhone: Call 1-800-344-8655 or 905-844-9947.
schoolTraining: Offers online training, reference manuals and field-based help.
local_offerTickets: Not specified.

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