Benefits and Insights

Why use CHAMPS?

Key differentiators & advantages of CHAMPS

  • Improve Asset Reliability: Keep assets up and running longer and more reliably through a combination of preventive maintenance, work order optimization and asset tracking. This reduces incidents of unavoidable failure, improves uptime rates and extends asset lifespan.
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs: Reduce the frequency of large-scale repairs and costs spent on intensive asset repair or replacement by using preventive maintenance plan scheduling.
  • Detect Equipment Issues Before Failure: Identify equipment issues by performing routine maintenance and solve a problem before it becomes catastrophic. 
  • Improve Site Safety: Facilitate a variety of safety improvement measures both directly and indirectly, keep records of compliance with maintenance logs and audit trails, and reduce unexpected asset failures through frequent maintenance.

Industry Expertise

Serves most asset-intensive industries including utilities, construction, national park services, transportation, entertainment, food and beverage, energy and municipalities.

Key Features

  • Asset Tracking:  Track physical asset location via barcodes and GPS/RFID tags, as well as asset status, maintenance schedules and other important asset history information.
  • Workforce Management: Optimizes business processes through work assignment, communication, reporting and more from a centralized hub.
  • Work Order Management: Manage work orders from creation to completion and access all work orders from a central dashboard. Create, update, assign and close work order according to role-based permissions. 
  • Inventory Management: Control inventory levels, manage restocking, track spare parts and organize inventory digitally.
  • Purchasing: Manage, evaluate and create formal agreements or purchases with suppliers. Also includes vendor contact management, automated reorders, invoices, receipts, delivery management, accounts payable and more.
  • Mobile App:
    • Track, maintain and access information on maintenance history, PM schedules, part analysis, inventory stock, manuals and drawings.
    • Access important information and record ongoing activities offline.
    • Locate and view parts, create work orders and work requests, access new assignments, communicate faster and attach images, videos and audio files.
  • Advanced Scheduling: Associate resource requirements with both resources and activities to control their needs and preferences. Also helps:
    • Define temporal constraints, resource constraints and special constraints, as well as create reports on resource usage.
    • Schedule an activity on a calendar and associate it with resources to display its schedules or any exceptions.
    • Update the schedule with simple drag-and-drop or click on the elements to make broader editing changes.
  • Optional Modules:
    • Lockout/ Tagout: Establish and restore plant conditions necessary for safe working procedures and conditions. Print and attach tags to energy isolation devices with an established procedure.
    • Permits: Manages any type of permit and use pre-loaded common permit templates for zero set up and instant permit use.
    • Inspections: Manages inspections performed for specified equipment and retain paper trails to access them during audits or for legal purposes.
    • Project Tracking: Tracks transaction and financial aspects of project-oriented work, capital projects, engineering projects and cost-sensitive projects.
    • Calibration: Monitors instruments, devices, tools and equipment when they are due for calibration or testing tasks, and forecasts the impact.
    • Condition Reporting: Classify, distribute and review potential issues, with conditional reporting for future prevention.

Suite Support

In addition to regular support, CHAMPS provides services for implementation, product configuration, custom app development and legacy system modernization.

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