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Why use Axxerion?

Key differentiators & advantages of Axxerion

  • Control Costs: By automating invoicing, collecting payments digitally, analyzing sales potential and integrating both labor and materials cost into a single platform, users can effectively manage overhead or project costs. Users can manage financial tasks such as budgets, balance sheets, invoices and more without leaving Axxerion’s platform.
  • Manage Projects: A single, integrated project management module streamlines project timelines, event management, construction, consulting and relocations. It centralizes communication, financial management and resource planning to optimize projects, saving users time and money.
  • Convenient and Accessible: A user-friendly interface and highly configurable options make this system excellent for users needing customization and ease-of-use. Managers can add and remove fields to specialize the system to their unique needs and improve adoption. The web-based deployment makes Axxerion accessible from any device with an Internet connection including smartphones and tablets.
  • Track, Monitor and Manage Assets: Task hierarchies and issue tracking keep maintenance teams on-track and focused. Managers set projected timelines and resources, then track how closely those projections are met for accurate forecasting and labor management. 
  • Labor Management: Maintenance team members can submit their timesheets, daily or weekly, directly to project tasks where they can be reviewed, edited and approved. This allows management to break down labor resources and identify pain points as well as calculate maintenance KPIs.
  • Make Smarter Business Decisions: Advanced reporting and analytics features make it easy to make data-driven decisions that benefit the organization based on concrete numbers. Axxerion comes with hundreds of pre-built and customizable report types to dig down into various metrics and analyzed to glean valuable insights. 

Industry Expertise

Axxerion specializes in serving organizations that provide healthcare, municipalities, nonprofits, transportation and more.

Key Features

  • Work Orders: The WOM module tracks work order progress among individual technicians, between teams or for an entire organization. Management can assign and schedule work orders, create work categories and manage role-based access based on user groups. 
  • Document Management:  A secure centralized database lets users search, view, edit, share and download documents associated with assets, projects and more. Internet access and storage ensures they are always the most recent version. Managers set role-based access to maintain security compliance.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Managers can set workflow assignments, designate approval requirements and define purchasing processes to ensure workflows operate smoothly. They can create a task hierarchy with projected timelines, defined dependencies and technician assignment days, weeks or months in advance.
  • Financial Management: The accounting and financials module offers multiple general ledgers, invoicing, accounts payable/receivable, balance sheets, account charts, profit and loss tracking, budgeting, purchase orders and currency conversions. Users can calculate taxes for multiple sites, control payment or collection via batched orders and more.
  • Asset Management: Axxerion offers asset catalogs, location tracking, purchasing, warranties and maintenance histories, asset reservations or assignment and security rights. 
  • Dashboards: Configurable dashboards offer at-a-glance insights via charts, graphics, lists and other visualizations. Users set custom filters and formulas to generate reports and display them visually or via tables. 

Axxerion Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail:Users can contact support by emailing [email protected]
phonePhone: Support is not available by phone.
schoolTraining: Axxerion offers a variety of hands-on and digital training options for users of all types including overview video sessions, solution-focused training, small business classes, developer courses, admin training, consultant and service provider courses, implementation training and more. Users can also schedule personalized on-site training programs.

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