Benefits and Insights

Why use Asset Essentials?

Key differentiators & advantages of Asset Essentials

  • Organize Work Orders: Users can easily create, schedule, assign and track work orders through the completion process. This organizes tasks in a single interface, improves communication, promotes accountability and tracks completion rates.
  • Extend Asset Lifespan: Performing routine maintenance on assets helps keep them in peak operating order for a longer lifespan.
  • Improve ROA: By keeping assets in better condition, they not only last longer, they also perform better. This helps improve ROA (return on asset), making each asset more profitable over time.
  • Manage Inventory: Users can prevent over-ordering, running out of crucial parts and misplacing pieces with inventory management. Barcode generation helps users track the parts in inventory and associate them with individual asset profiles. Procurement modules let users reorder stock directly from their CMMS.
  • Utilize Technology in Business: The integrated platform combines asset monitoring, consolidated workflows and data-based insights to deliver a technologically advanced solution to users’ workflow management needs.
  • Improve Efficiency: WOM improves technician’s efficiency and accountability and keeps all users organized. Maintenance schedules help keep users on task and ensure routine maintenance tasks don’t slip through the cracks. Asset management ensures that assets are operating at full capacity as often as possible, making your business run smoothly.

Industry Expertise

Dude Solutions specializes in providing operations management software for industries such as education, government, healthcare, senior living, manufacturing, and clubs and associations.

Key Features

  • WOM: Work order management lets users create, assign, track and complete work requests on various assets or properties.
  • Maintenance Scheduling: Users can schedule maintenance tasks, including recurring events, with a central calendar view.
  • Inventory Management: This feature helps users keep stockrooms properly stocked, manage reorders and procurement as well as track spare parts throughout their facility.
  • Document Management: This module manages labor timesheets, contractor agreements, safety paperwork, warranties, contact information, and more in a single organized, cohesive database.
  • Asset Management: The product monitors asset condition, tracks downtime, stores asset information, and helps users keep assets up and running for as long as possible.
  • Mobile Apps: Users can access this software from mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids, tablets and more.
  • Reporting/BI: Users can generate custom reports on various KPIs to give users an understanding of their operations either as a snapshot or over time.

Asset Essentials Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email support through the user portal, and all emails will be answered within an hour according to the support site.
phonePhone: All subscribers have access to phone support that will be answered in three rings, according to the support site. This contact information is available through the user portal.
schoolTraining: Users can access Dude Resources, a library of documents, podcasts, videos, forums, articles and more, to self-train in all of Dude Solutions products. There are also virtual classroom training courses available for users to improve their skills and learn more.
local_offerTickets: To submit a ticket, users should log in to their user portal and reach out either by phone, email or through the “submit ticket” portal. They can also live chat with a representative for instant assistance.

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