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Benefits and Insights

Why use Qt Cloud Services Cloud Kickstart?

Key differentiators & advantages of Qt Cloud Services Cloud Kickstart

  • Identity Management Built-In
    Connected applications require systems for registering and identifying end-users, and enforcing various access policies. This is all built-in to Qt Cloud Services saving you precious time and money.

  • Scale to millions of users
    Applications hosted on Qt Cloud Services can automatically scale up to handle the most demanding workloads and scale down when traffic subsides. You pay only for what you use.

  • Mix and Match Services
    Qt Cloud Services has all the services your connected application architecture needs - managed services for data storage, database, real time communications and application runtimes (scheduled for Q2/2014).

  • Get the Support You Need
    With our active community of users, partner ecosystem and premium support packages, Qt Cloud Services provides a full range of resources to help you get started and grow.

  • Works Great with Qt
    Qt Cloud Services is developed by, and developed for Qt developers! It is super easy to create native or hybrid connected applications for all your target platforms, whether you are working on desktop, mobile or embedded systems.

  • Focus on Your Product
    Rapidly develop, deploy and iterate your applications without worrying about system administration. Qt Cloud Services will manage your application, database and storage servers so you don’t have to.