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Benefits and Insights

Why use Lunacloud?

Key differentiators & advantages of Lunacloud

  • Lunacloud is a provider that not only delivers real cloud services that meet all the essential characteristics of Cloud Computing but strives to exceed your expectations by being technologically advanced and design mindful, delivering powerful and flexible cloud compute & storage services at the best value.

  • Cloud Servers and Cloud Storage are your virtual share of a high-end compute and storage platform on which you can run your applications and store your data. You only use and pay for the compute resources that you need.

  • Our architecture allows scaling of both throughput and storage capacity. It also supports patent pending large object Optimization, which efficiently handles traffic patterns consisting of mostly objects from a few GB to a few TB in size.

  • You have group and user level access control of objects. You can also share your data with anyone, by creating a public URL to an object. This is done via a user-friendly control panel or via the S3 REST compliant API, which enables seamless interoperability of applications developed for Amazon S3-based storage clouds.

  • Access your data, either using the control panel or the API, via HTTPS or HTTP protocols.