Benefits and Insights

Why use CloudSigma?

Key differentiators & advantages of CloudSigma

  • True High Performance - Our modern hardware and CPU customization options will allow your applications to fly whatever your operating system or workload. 
  • Instant Provisioning - Provision servers, drives, IPs, private networks and pretty much any other resource we offer on the fly without delays. 
  • Free Resources - Every customer spending $10 or more per month receives 1GB of RAM, 50GB SSD and 5TB of outbound data transfer gratis. 
  • SSD & Magnetic Storage - Mix and match all SSD and magnetic storage with our cloud servers. Want an SSD drive for the OS & magnetic for the data? No problem. 
  • An Elegant API - We use our API for our own customer control panel. It’s got 100% feature coverage and is easy to use. 
  • Data Safe from Prying Eyes - Our company and secure cloud servers are structured to be independent by location. If you do computing with us in Switzerland you are subject to Swiss law only. In the US subject only to US law, etc. 
  • All 10GigE Networking - Easily stream at multiple gigabit speeds from our cloud servers. Avoid network bottlenecks on big data runs, video streams, you name it! 
  • Wide Resource Ranges - We offer up to 40 CPU cores and 128GB RAM per server. Size your SSD drives up to 5TB each or up to 100TB per magnetic drive. 
  • A Custom KVM - Cloud KVM delivers full virtualization. That means dedicated resource allocation, better securing and ring fenced performance per customer.