How to Promote Your Patient Portal

How to Promote Your Patient Portal
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How to Promote Your Patient Portal

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Intended for:

This white paper is intended for medical providers who have a patient portal and are looking to increase its usage among patients.

Will Help With:

After reading this white paper, you’ll have a set of concrete practices you can implement to encourage patients to use your online portal.

The Report Covers:

  • – Ideas on how to get all employees (not just receptionists) involved in endorsing the portal
  • – Five ways to promote your patient portal
  • – A downloadable template you can fill out and print to give to patients describing how to access your portal

Researcher Notes:

This white paper will help readers effectively “market” the patient portal used at their practice or clinic. This, in turn, will help boost client satisfaction.

Readers who struggle with low usage on their portals will benefit greatly from the promotion ideas, which range from mentioning the benefits of using the portal to offering an incentive that patients will want to take advantage of. The white paper also briefly explains why readers should promote the portal to patients of all ages.

It’s also valuable as a means to get everyone who works at the office on the same page and kickstart ideas on how to share info about the portal.


The white paper, though it doesn’t go in-depth, offers a well-rounded overview of increasing patient usage of an online portal. One of the biggest perks is the downloadable template, which will save time should readers want to print their own handouts.

Zachary TotahHow to Promote Your Patient Portal