Understanding the Moments That Matter

Understanding the Moments That Matter
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Understanding the Moments That Matter

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Intended for:

This ebook is directed at HR leaders in companies with multiple teams that require attention.

Will Help With:

This guide shows you how to most effectively manage the people at your company by exploring what they care about most.

The Report Covers:

The moments that matter to:

  • – Employees
  • – Managers
  • – The HR team
  • – Payroll professionals
  • – Executives

Researcher Notes:

This ebook explores the day-to-day things that everyone at an organization cares about. Such an approach provides a framework to understand how processes and people combine to create a thriving environment where employees contribute and enjoy coming to work.

The content covers five categories of employees. A milestone graphic highlights the critical points in the journey of each group and shows where a human capital management (HCM) solution plays a role. Each section also provides questions that HR leaders can use to measure the success level of practices at their own organization.


This ebook presents an easy-to-understand overview of employee management, making it a valuable asset for HR pros who want to improve the employee lifecycle at their company. By tying in where technology fits in the journey, it helps readers understand how software can contribute to their goals.

Keerthi MohanUnderstanding the Moments That Matter