Evaluating HR Technology Vendors: 10 Questions to Ask

Evaluating HR Technology Vendors: 10 Questions to Ask
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Evaluating HR Technology Vendors: 10 Questions to Ask

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Intended for:

This ebook is intended for businesses of any size that are investing in their first HR solution or replacing their current system. It will be most helpful for those who have reached the shortlisting stage and are vetting a handful of specific vendors.

Will Help With:

This ebook offers a framework for cutting through the noise of marketing and sales lingo so you can understand the brass tacks of how a prospective system can meet your organization’s needs.

The Report Covers:

  • – 10 key questions to ask vendors
  • – An explanation of why those questions are important

Researcher Notes:

The guide follows a Q&A format that provides value in two distinct ways. First, the questions address a range of areas to create a well-rounded roadmap decision-makers can use to steer their conversations with vendors.

Second, each question is paired with a brief explanation of why that question is important to ask. That’s followed by one to three paragraphs that expound further and often include tangible follow-up questions to ask and some specific features to be on the lookout for. However, some of the statistics cited are outdated for the technology world.


The ebook is a helpful tool for anyone searching for HR software, particularly those who are going through the process for the first time and are looking for guidance on the process. It shouldn’t serve as the sole means for making a purchase decision but should be used in concert with other methods (RFP, demo, etc.) to help companies pick the right solution with confidence.

Zachary TotahEvaluating HR Technology Vendors: 10 Questions to Ask