Competing in an Era of Choice

Competing in an Era of Choice
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Competing in an Era of Choice

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Intended for:

This ebook is aimed at HR professionals who want to ensure their company can attract top talent.

Will Help With:

This ebook will show you how to provide the type of experience that draws employees so you can remain competitive.

The Report Covers:

  • – The expectations that employees have
  • – An employee experience checklist
  • – Key points in the employee lifecycle and how to improve those experiences
  • – The role technology plays in the employee experience

Researcher Notes:

The principles covered in this piece will enable companies to place employees at the center of the workplace experience. It will help readers see how to keep pace with one of the industry’s trends – treating employees as consumers. To help HR practitioners approach this new paradigm, it offers suggestions on how to create a positive employee experience.

Readers will also gain value from the advice on managing the entirety of the employee experience. Backed by statistics, it highlights why key moments in an employee’s journey (for example, recruiting, hiring and retaining) matter.


This short ebook will help HR leaders design experiences that will help their company stand apart. It explains how the intersection of technology and employee experience impacts a company either positively or negatively, giving readers a high-level roadmap for success.

Keerthi MohanCompeting in an Era of Choice