Writing a Better ERP RFP

Writing a Better ERP RFP
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Writing a Better ERP RFP

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Intended for:

This ebook is aimed at those who are in charge of selecting a new ERP system — specifically manufacturers who are seeking to future-proof their business.

Will Help With:

This ebook will give you the tools needed to send targeted and effective RFPs, speeding up the process and ensuring each vendor responds with meaningful insights.

The Report Covers:

  • – The reasons why the traditional RFP approach is ineffective
  • – A list of common problems with the usual RFP process
  • – Tips for finding a vendor that will help you attain long-term success
  • – Critical innovative features you should look for

Researcher Notes:

The RFP process can be a helpful tool in creating a shortlist of vendors, but it’s often fraught with drawbacks. This ebook will show ERP buyers what RFP strategies are less likely to succeed to help them avoid these mistakes.
It identifies six common problems and then provides solutions. The guide also includes several examples of alternative questions to ask that will be more effective in garnering useful information.

Topics covered include the optimal number of vendors to submit an RFP to, the target range of questions to ask per functional area (e.g. finance) and how to find a system that will serve them well now as well as in the future. Readers will also learn what capabilities (such as IoT and 3D printing) are most essential to look for when considering vendors that will help them achieve long-term success.


An ERP system forms the technology backbone of many businesses, and as such, purchasing one is an investment that requires careful consideration. The specific information covered in this ebook complements the vast amount of content available on the subject. It’s best used in tandem with additional resources to facilitate an effective selection process.

Zachary TotahWriting a Better ERP RFP