Understanding Cloud ERP for Non-IT Executives

Understanding Cloud ERP for Non-IT Executives
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Understanding Cloud ERP for Non-IT Executives

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Intended for:

This guide is best for executives who aren’t steeped in IT knowledge and are looking for an easily accessible overview of ERP that doesn’t get bogged down in technical details. The information applies to companies in any industry and of any size.

Will Help With:

This guide explains ERP in a user-friendly way to provide you with a clear picture of what an ERP system is and what it does. At the same time, it’s comprehensive, exploring everything from benefits to cloud-specific topics so you can determine how an ERP solution would impact your organization.

The Report Covers:

  • – A brief history of ERP software
  • – Differences between ERP and CRM
  • – Organizational and operational benefits of an ERP
  • – A comparison of cloud vs. on-premise ERP systems
  • – Benefits of using a cloud ERP
  • – Passing mention of top cloud ERP solutions
  • – Other cloud ERP considerations including data security, cost, ROI timeline, implementation phases and timeline, customization, and the role of an implementation partner

Researcher Notes:

This comprehensive guide is rich with useful information that covers every main ERP topic an executive might want to know about when first investigating ERP for their company. Specific examples include costs associated with cloud vs. on-premise solutions, industries and micro-verticals ERPs have been designed to support, and factors that impact the ROI of implementing an ERP.

It avoids deeply technical details while providing enough background and context to orient and instruct the reader — all in a style that’s easy to understand and digest. The content also addresses many potential pain points surrounding ERP systems. This includes whether data is secure in the cloud and how ERP supports regulatory compliance (such as for the GDPR).

Furthermore, it helps readers understand which types of businesses can realize value from cloud ERP and why cloud ERP is the favored deployment choice for many companies today.


This guide serves as an excellent starting point for those looking to invest in an ERP solution. We recommend performing due diligence when purchasing any software. ERP is known for being expensive, so using tools like this guide can help a company’s executives lay a solid foundation from which they can make an informed decision.

Keerthi MohanUnderstanding Cloud ERP for Non-IT Executives