Top 10 ERP Systems Pricing Guide

Top 10 ERP Systems Pricing Guide
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Top 10 ERP Systems Pricing Guide

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Intended for:

This guide is intended for someone tasked with researching how much ERP software should cost.

Will Help With:

This guide will help you discover the typical price of the most popular ERP systems and understand what the individual costs involved are.

The Report Covers:

  • – Software criteria and vendor checklist
  • – Cost of ownership
  • – Pricing details
  • – Product limitations
  • – Top competitors for each product

Researcher Notes:

This guide covers the pricing information for 10 leading ERP systems, including IQMS EnterpriseIQ, Epicor ERP 10, Sage X3 ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The analysts who compiled this report provide a thorough list for each product that breaks down how much they cost and what those costs entail. This includes the starting license or subscription cost, the implementation cost and the customization cost.

In addition, buyers can view deployment options, features and modules that are included, and main competitors for that product. The analysts also address some shortcomings of each product.

A checklist of critical features and vendor support and training options is also provided so buyers know what to look for as they research individual systems.


Buyers who want to understand the costs involved in purchasing ERP software will find this guide informative. With a high level of detail, it presents an accurate snapshot of expected costs. Most of the products reviewed don’t include specific prices (other than starting costs), but the report can be used to determine what factors contribute to the TCO of each solution.

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