NetSuite ERP vs. Epicor ERP vs. Sage Business Cloud — Competitive Report

NetSuite ERP vs. Epicor ERP vs. Sage Business Cloud―Competitive Report
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NetSuite ERP vs. Epicor ERP vs. Sage Business Cloud Competitive Report

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Intended for:

This competitive report is intended for those searching for an ERP solution and want to learn more about NetSuite OneWorld Global ERP, Epicor ERP, Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management and IQMS EnterpriseIQ.

Will Help With:

This report will explain the most essential features you should look for in any ERP system, answer common questions and provide a features and pricing comparison of four top products on the market. It will be most helpful for mid-sized businesses, as this is typically the size targeted by the ERP systems in the report.

The Report Covers:

  • – Core ERP features
  • – ERP FAQs
  • – A side-by-side comparison of each product’s ratings across 19 critical capabilities
  • – A pricing breakdown of each product
  • – A list of each product’s limitations according to expert analysis

Researcher Notes:

Those who are less familiar with the ERP selection process will benefit from the breakdown of top features to look for, as well as the FAQ section.

The feature ratings, while helpful for gaining at-a-glance insights, don’t dig into granular details. As such, they can point readers in the right direction based on requirements but should be coupled with more in-depth research to determine each solution’s particular capabilities.

Price is a huge consideration when investing in an ERP solution. The breakdown of each product covers critical areas including training cost, data migration cost, pricing model and minimum commitment. It also highlights some drawbacks of the system so readers gain a more complete view of the products.


This report will provide value to anyone searching for ERP software. Its level of pricing detail, high-level overview of product-specific features and common ERP features can help researchers fill in critical information so they can locate the solution best fitted to their company’s needs.

Zachary TotahNetSuite ERP vs. Epicor ERP vs. Sage Business Cloud — Competitive Report