Manufacturing ERP Showdown: Oracle vs. Infor ― ERP Software Competitive Report

Manufacturing ERP Showdown: Oracle vs. Infor-ERP Software Competitive Report
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Manufacturing ERP Showdown: Oracle vs. Infor ― ERP Software Competitive Report

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Intended for:

This report is intended for manufacturers who are considering Infor CloudSuite Industrial (formerly Syteline) and Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne as the next ERP solution for their organization.

Will Help With:

This report will help you determine whether Infor or Oracle’s ERP offering would be a better fit for your company.

The Report Covers:

  • – The top reasons to replace or upgrade your ERP system
  • – Critical manufacturing KPIs
  • – CloudSuite Industrial pricing details and product limitations
  • – JD Edwards pricing details and product limitations
  • – A side-by-side comparison of 19 essential capabilities

Researcher Notes:

This report provides a comprehensive comparison of Infor and Oracle’s ERP solutions, including features, pricing and drawbacks. It delivers additional value by helping software buyers identify reasons for upgrading or replacing their current ERP solution.

The bulk of the report covers the comparison of CloudSuite Industrial and JD Edwards. Based on the data curated by the SelectHub analyst team, it delivers varying levels of granularity so readers receive a complete overview of each product.

The pricing section is particularly helpful, as it breaks down the TCO of each system, which includes initial cost (license or subscription), maintenance, customization and implementation. It also covers the basic starting price, minimum commitment and other pricing details.

The key features comparison, which also draws on data from SelectHub’s analysts, covers business-critical areas such as distribution management, inventory monitoring and sales-order management. Ratings for each feature (excellent, good, adequate) are accompanied by a brief description of the feature’s capabilities, making it easy to compare both products.


This report covers several topics, but where it really stands out is the product comparison. After reading it, software buyers should have a much clearer picture of whether CloudSuite Industrial or JD Edwards is better positioned to serve their organization’s needs. We recommend using this asset during the vendor shortlisting stage to help determine if a product is worth demoing.

Keerthi MohanManufacturing ERP Showdown: Oracle vs. Infor ― ERP Software Competitive Report