KPI Playbook for Modern Manufacturing

KPI Playbook for Modern Maufacturing
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KPI Playbook for Modern Manufacturing

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Intended for:

This playbook is most suitable for leaders at manufacturing companies that want to modernize their business.

Will Help With:

This playbook will help you understand which KPIs to measure across key business areas in order to gain actionable insights, strengthen oversight and surface the most business-critical data.

The Report Covers:

  • – Manufacturing KPIs
  • – Inventory KPIs
  • – Quality KPIs

Researcher Notes:

This ebook acts as a checklist for manufacturers to ensure they’re measuring the right metrics. While not comprehensive, it lays out the 14 top KPIs to track in order to optimize plant performance, such as on-time delivery performance, machine uptime and returns as a percentage of total inventory.

Each KPI is explained and includes a formula for calculating the result. Every section also shows which managers or supervisors are responsible for tracking the KPI and what the target should be (high, low, 100%), along with offering a tip that will help readers maximize the effectiveness of measuring that metric.


Manufacturers that want to compete at a high level in today’s age must have visibility into their organization’s performance. This guide will help business leaders measure the right KPIs to achieve that goal. Its user-friendly tone and insights make it especially helpful, even for those new to analytics.

Zachary TotahKPI Playbook for Modern Manufacturing