ERP Software Requirements: Manufacturing ERP Checklist

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ERP Software Requirements: Manufacturing ERP Checklist

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Intended for:

This guide will be most helpful for those in manufacturing who are preparing to invest in a new ERP solution.

Will Help With:

This guide breaks down the most essential manufacturing ERP software features so you know what to look for in a new system.

The Report Covers:

  • – How ERP software contributes to different manufacturing industries such as aerospace and construction
  • – An overview of the best manufacturing ERP vendors
  • – Questions to ask during your selection process
  • – The top manufacturing software features
  • – A requirements checklist

Researcher Notes:

This guide does an excellent job of preparing readers to tackle their ERP software search with confidence. The industry breakdown explains how an ERP solution impacts major manufacturing industries as well as highlights how a tailored ERP would aid industry-specific needs.

The core of the report consists of two parts: a list of the top 10 manufacturing ERP vendors identified by the SelectHub analyst team and a rundown of the most common features so users understand what they should look for in a new system.

A requirements checklist at the end of the guide simplifies the task of requirements gathering from key stakeholders. Using this checklist will help readers expedite the selection process and be confident knowing which requirements are most important within their company.


This guide is a well-rounded package that can address many pain points of selecting new ERP software. It will serve as a valuable resource in any manufacturing company’s software search.

Zachary TotahERP Software Requirements: Manufacturing ERP Checklist