Transitioning From Self-Billing to RCM

Transitioning From Self-Billing to RCM
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Transitioning From Self-Billing to RCM

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Intended for:

This white paper is intended as a short guide for companies planning to move from internal billing to a revenue cycle management (RCM) service provider.

Will Help With:

This white paper outlines the steps you need to take in order to experience a straightforward, smooth transition from self-billing to RCM.

The Report Covers:

  • – A list of steps that should be completed in chronological order
  • – Explanations of why each step is needed
  • – A list of the details RCM providers may ask for to conduct a billing analysis

Researcher Notes:

The guide will help make the process manageable and simple for readers who feel unprepared or stressed about switching from in-house billing to an RCM service.

The 10 steps discussed cover items such as welcome packets, CPT codes and credentialed insurances. Each step includes a couple of bullet points that explain why it’s important. Using this, readers can vet providers to see if practices line up with the criteria listed and use it as a preparation checklist for their transition.

Also included are critical details that an RCM provider may ask for — payments received over the last 12 months, total A/R and more. There are also additional details a practice should be prepared to have ready. These lists ensure a practice has the proper information so its RCM provider can run an accurate billing analysis.


The general nature of the content makes the steps covered applicable to any practice regardless of its current billing process, allowing the white paper to provide value to anyone.

Keerthi MohanTransitioning From Self-Billing to RCM