Navigating MIPS 2020

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Navigating MIPS 2020

Intended for:

This white paper serves medical practices that are eligible for Merit-based Incentive Payment Systems (MIPS) and want to understand how new rules enacted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will affect them in 2020.

Will Help With:

This white paper will educate you on what MIPS is, what changes will happen in 2020 and how you can prepare.

The Report Covers:

  • – An overview of what MIPS is
  • – Clinician types that are eligible for MIPS, along with exceptions
  • – The five major changes taking place in 2020
  • – Suggestions on how to prepare
  • – How ChartLogic can support your MIPS reporting needs

Researcher Notes:

Those looking to prepare for the MIPS changes happening in 2020 will find this white paper to be a valuable resource. The explanation of what MIPS is will help those that are less familiar with the rules.

Most critical are the descriptions of the proposed changes to the five following areas: performance, quality, PI (promoting interoperability), IA (improvement activities) and cost. A roadmap offers readers the tools to tackle the upcoming changes.

The report also covers what types of clinics are subject to MIPS (including exceptions), so readers aren’t left wondering if the new rules apply to them.


Organizations that are unsure how MIPS will impact them would do well to use this white paper as a resource. It doesn’t offer an exhaustive look at the topic, but it covers all the main points well. This makes it a useful guide that can help readers successfully navigate the CMS changes.

Keerthi MohanNavigating MIPS 2020