Evaluating Your Next EHR’s Support

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Evaluating Your Next EHR’s Support

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Intended for:

This white paper is intended for those who work at medical practices and are building a list of requirements to look for in a solution.

Will Help With:

The technical support a vendor offers is something that’s often overlooked. This white paper will help you avoid that mistake, which will prevent you from being saddled with poor support services.

The Report Covers:

  • – A checklist of questions to ask vendors
  • – The reasons why it’s good to ask each question

Researcher Notes:

When searching for EHR software, it’s too easy to focus merely on what the system can do. But that can lead to the trap of buying what seems to be the perfect software only to discover the vendor’s support leaves much to be desired.

This white paper will help readers combat that problem. It provides a list of 17 support-related questions that software buyers should refer to during their search. These include whether the support is in-house or outsourced, if customers receive a dedicated account manager and how long the typical resolution time is.

Equally important is the follow up to each question, which explains the reasons why readers should ask. For example, a vendor whose support team is based outside the U.S. may lead to difficulties such as inconvenient support hours or lack of technical training on the product or service.


EHR buyers can use the information provided in this white paper to conduct a more thorough, informed search. Using the questions listed will make it easier to discover which customer service offerings stand out, so buyers can determine which vendors are the best candidates across a more comprehensive range of criteria.

Zachary TotahEvaluating Your Next EHR’s Support