Modernization Guide for Wholesale Distributors

Modernization Guide for Wholesale Distributors
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Modernization Guide for Wholesale Distributors

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Intended for:

This guide will be most helpful for those in senior management roles at wholesale distribution companies who are looking to modernize the way their organization operates to keep pace with the shifting landscape.

Will Help With:

This guide will help you facilitate modernization and digital transformation efforts at your company.

The Report Covers:

  • – Three trends that are challenging wholesale distributors
  • – The top practices of best-in-class distributors
  • – Five factors that wholesale distributors need to focus on to drive transformation
  • – Five impacts of digital transformation
  • – The contributions an ERP system can make to digital transformation

Researcher Notes:

The content provides concrete solutions to top distribution challenges, which companies can use as a starting point to overcoming these common issues. This includes technologies available to drive innovation and primary business goals to advance through data measurement and analysis.

The bulk of the guide serves as a primer that will equip readers with a better understanding of how to move the needle towards digital transformation. Backed by research, the main points make a case for modernization, especially at companies where legacy systems, siloed data and lack of real-time visibility inhibit operations.

The guide gives readers a launchpad for modernizing their operations by explaining the foremost priorities at top performing distribution companies and then breaking down key strategies and areas of focus. It also examines how a modern ERP can support each of the five spheres involved in digital transformation.


Readers will come away from this guide with a set of steps they can implement to kickstart the process of modernizing their distribution organizations, as well as an understanding of the critical role an ERP plays in the process.

Keerthi MohanModernization Guide for Wholesale Distributors