Best DevOps Tools for 2020


It’s time for another release event, and everyone is waiting for that last-minute problem to appear and spin everything into a chaotic race to troubleshoot. The development team says it isn’t their problem, and that the issue must have emerged thanks to something operations did. Operations points the finger back; it had to be something development messed up. If this story causes unpleasant feelings of deja vu, it may be time to shake things up. DevOps tools are an efficient way to get your development and operations teams on the same page and working collaboratively toward the same end goal — no more blaming required.

Hunter LoweBest DevOps Tools for 2020
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What is DevOps? Definition, Benefits and Best Practices

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Residents of the software world know that new buzzwords seemingly appear out of nowhere, and just as suddenly proliferate news articles, water cooler banter and vendor FAQ sections. If you’ve heard the term DevOps being tossed around, you may think it’s just another hot topic that will succumb to time before long. However, this development method is taking everything from small development teams to large enterprises by storm and has only become more widely adopted since the term was coined in 2008 by Patrick Debois. So, what is DevOps, and how is it going to affect the future of development?

Get the Complete Primer on DevOps

Hunter LoweWhat is DevOps? Definition, Benefits and Best Practices
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