The Essential Guide to CRM

The Essential Guide to CRM
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The Essential Guide to CRM

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Intended for:

This guide is best suited for those who aren’t content managing customer relationships in the same old way, and as a result, are looking for a new CRM solution as part of a digital transformation strategy.

Will Help With:

This guide explains why CRM software is important, what it can do for your business and which factors to consider during the buying process. It will lay a strong foundation to help you get the most out of a modern solution.

The Report Covers:

  • – How CRM can act as a competitive differentiator for your business
  • – Why every business needs CRM software
  • – Essential requirements to consider when shopping for a solution
  • – A checklist of questions to help determine best-fit solutions based on their features
  • – A framework for successfully implementing or upgrading a CRM system
  • – A list of operational and business success metrics to keep in mind when searching for a solution
  • – Seven tips to direct your search
  • – What the future holds for CRM platforms

Researcher Notes:

This guide centers around delivering critical information that will help decision-makers conduct an effective, fruitful search for their next CRM solution.

Readers will benefit from the examples of how companies have successfully implemented CRM products, input from a number of CRM industry experts, and research from multiple studies and surveys (some of the information cited is out-of-date).

This information is complemented by sections that address common issues and offer answers to probable questions surrounding the software buying process. Such a comprehensive (though not in-depth) approach will provide readers with insights that are easy to understand, highly relevant and actionable.


This guide is an excellent resource for those hunting for a new CRM solution, due to its accessibility and the range of core topics covered. We recommend using it in conjunction with other resources for a well-rounded approach to assessing and acting on your CRM needs.

Zachary TotahThe Essential Guide to CRM