Customer Services Essentials for CX Success

Customer Services Essentials for CX Success
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Customer Services Essentials for CX Success

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Intended for:

This white paper is intended for companies of any size, in any industry, that seek to enhance the experience of their customers through the service they provide. Particular roles that can benefit from the content include CMOs, customer experience (CX) roles (e.g., Director of Customer Experience) and CCOs (Chief Customer Officer).

Will Help With:

This white paper will help you understand why your organization should emphasize managing customer experiences within the context of customer service.

The Report Covers:

  • – Why previous approaches to customer service are no longer effective
  • – Why customer service is so important today
  • – What the modern approach to customer service looks like
  • – How technology contributes to modern customer service efforts
  • – A list of critical features that customer service solutions should include

Researcher Notes:

The topics covered give insight into how companies need to evolve their customer service to survive in an age dominated by CX. Backed by numerous statistics (though some references are outdated), the piece reveals why the old approach to customer service can’t be effective in a world where customers not only expect but demand top-notch experiences.

Readers will find the piece particularly helpful in providing hard data that makes the case for modernizing an organization’s customer service strategy. This will help those in leadership positions understand the importance of marrying customer service and customer experience at their company.

Also included is a brief discussion of the top features that software buyers should look for in their customer service solutions to help them maximize CX potential.


This white paper serves as a solid introduction to the topic of customer service and how companies should approach it in light of CX. It’s primarily a high-level overview of the topic, and readers shouldn’t expect to find much in the way of guidance on strategies. However, this doesn’t detract from its ability to start conversations that can lead to positive change.

Zachary TotahCustomer Services Essentials for CX Success