CMMS Software | Cheat Sheet and Buyers Guide

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CMMS Software | Cheat Sheet and Buyers Guide

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Intended for:

This cheat sheet and buyer’s guide is intended to assist CMMS buyers familiarize themselves with the software features and industry offerings.

Will Help With:

If you’re buying your first CMMS solution or need guidance in the selection, this guide can direct your search and give insight into some of the industry leaders.

The Report Covers:

  • – CMMS Key Features
  • – CMMS Buyer Survey
  • – CMMS Leaderboard Report
  • – In-Depth Vendor Comparison

Researcher Notes:

The key features of CMMS were identified by surveying actual CMMS buyers about which capabilities they identified as most vital. This survey and its results can be found in the second portion of the guide. The analysts who compiled this report rate the top vendors in the industry based on performance in each of these essential areas to give users a better idea of which option is best for their needs.


This guide prepares buyers for the procurement process by introducing them to the most critical CMMS features, examining the CMMS industry and breaking down some of the top vendors feature-by-feature.

Keerthi MohanCMMS Software | Cheat Sheet and Buyers Guide