A Guide to Maintenance Metrics

A Guide to Maintenance Metrics
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A Guide to Maintenance Metrics

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Intended for:

This eBook will be most useful to facility managers or directors, head engineers and other maintenance personnel who utilize maintenance metrics.

Will Help With:

Identifying maintenance metrics can help maintain and improve your facility and asset operations, which is key to a successful maintenance management plan.

The Report Covers:

  • – What are Maintenance KPIs?
  • – Operational Maintenance Metrics
  • – Asset Performance Metrics
  • – Inventory Metrics
  • – Which Metrics Matter?
  • – How to Track and Use Maintenance Metrics

Researcher Notes:

Collecting metrics is only useful if users collect the right ones. This guide explores the various types of maintenance metrics and KPIs for different aspects of asset and facility maintenance.


This comprehensive guide will help facility managers who want to use data to improve their operations familiarize themselves with different useful maintenance metrics, identify which are important and move forward with harnessing the power of maintenance metrics.

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