Business Intelligence Tools: What You Need to Know Before Buying

Business Intelligence Tools What You Need to Know Before Buying SelectHub
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Business Intelligence Tools: What You Need to Know Before Buying

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Intended for:

This guide directs people in the business intelligence software selection process that are browsing different vendors.

Will Help With:

This guide informs readers what essential requirements and features to look for and prioritize in their search for a BI product.

The Report Covers:

  • – How to start searching for a BI tool
  • – BI tool requirements and features
  • – Top BI tools vendor descriptions and comparison

Researcher Notes:

The goal of this guide is to steer and focus a person’s or company’s search for a BI tool. It methodically outlines commonly denoted essential features and what makes them important.

The brief explanations allow the reader to determine which features are more relevant to their needs than others. It allows them to start to define what they’re looking for and narrow their search down in a convoluted subject.

The guide then breaks down top vendors in the context of those requirements, using SelectHub’s internal expert analysis. It provides a table of each vendor and feature, allowing side-by-side comparison to easily eliminate vendors that don’t meet the reader’s needs.


This guide helps focus the reader’s search for a business intelligence software by helping them determine which features are most essential and outlining which top vendors offer them and which ones don’t. Companies can circumvent some sales-pitching and navigation of marketing language by getting straight down to what each vendor offers and if it’s what they need.

Richard AllenBusiness Intelligence Tools: What You Need to Know Before Buying